Bailing In A Sentence

Definition of Bailing

present participle of bail | The act by which something is bailed.

How To Use Bailing In A Sentence?

  • Already three of the boats had shipped several seas, for we could see the men bailing vigorously.
  • He bailing and I paddling we kept her above water, and gained the deck of the yacht.
  • At times, they shipped a good deal of water and Tom and Juarez were kept busy bailing out.
  • Nothing was left out but such instruments as were hourly needed, the guns, life-preservers, and a camp-kettle in each boat for bailing purposes.
  • And Clif, with a bucket he had thought to bring, was bailing frantically, and shouting to encourage the men.
  • Having made their way with difficulty to the margin of a lake, they came upon a boat which required incessant bailing to prevent its speedy foundering.
  • It was the man who had been a sailor who spoke, and all the other soldiers obeyed him, leaving the lieutenant to take up an iron dipper and begin the bailing as best he could.
  • One of the men was employed during the remainder of the afternoon in bailing her out, and we stopped sooner than we should otherwise have done, in order to ascertain the extent of damage, and to repair it.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bailing | Bailing Sentence

  • They were actually bailing out.
  • Chard went on bailing steadily.
  • Pee-wee just emptied the bailing can down my neck.
  • Merely bailing me out wouldn't help a bit.
  • The two latter were bailing so fast that they had no chance to row.
  • In the latter a second waterman was seated bailing out bilge with a rusty can.
  • The man had not even a bailing tin in his moribund old craft.
  • He began bailing frantically with his hat, and soon had the boat dry again.
  • At least you'll tell us how Lindy saved his life by bailing out.

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