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Definition of Bait

(MLE) Obvious; blatant. | (MLE) Well-known; famous; renowned. | (obsolete, intransitive) To flap the wings; to flutter as if to fly; or to hover, as a hawk when she stoops to her prey.

How To Use Bait In A Sentence?

  • Either the people were very virtuous that evening or the bait was not a taking one.
  • His music was found to be good bait for the popular gardens and the holiday-makers of the period.
  • A line and hook were in his bundle; the bait was ready at a turn of the grass and weeds.
  • Small roach as bait for pike, are procurable at most of the waterside inns, at 1s.
  • You rarely see anybody spinning by casting, or even using a dead bait on a spinning flight.
  • That gentleman seemed absorbed in the contemplation of the bait which he had just taken from his mouth.
  • Never before had he been assailed on his own ground; it seemed as if the whole township now conspired to bait him.
  • Once or twice the bait was apparently gorged and carried off in the upper stories of the hotels to be digested at leisure.
  • At first, he was unable to just master the difficult problem of how to influence the bait to float into the eddy.
  • This arrangement ensures the bait being carried swiftly to the bottom and kept steady, very important items in roach fishing.
  • From this outlook he believed he could allow his bait to float down into an eddy that looked as though it might be the home of a big hermit trout.
  • He accordingly one night slyly tied a wisp of hay to the rope, as a bait for the cows in their peregrination to the grazing ground.
  • The maid, laying down her paddle, reached back for the line, and put on the bait with her own fingers.
  • At Villeneuve, where we stopped to bait the horses, we were diverted by a scene characteristic of the country.
  • She went fishing with me and taught me to spit on the bait for luck, or rub a certain root on the hook, which she said made the fish bite better.
  • Juggling's no sin, for we must have victual: Nature allows us to bait for the fool.
  • He snatched thee to be a bait for her, having it in mind that a man whom she hides in her private part of Khinjan must be of great value to her.
  • The next morning we devoted to pike fishing, at the mouth of the Thurne, getting our bait with a casting-net.
  • But his efforts were unsuccessful; the bait was invariably carried off without hooking the victim, and the Devil finally lost his temper.
  • Live-baiting and spinning with a spoon, or artificial bait trailed behind a boat, are the usual modes of fishing for pike in Norfolk.
  • From here down to Buckenham Ferry there are large numbers of pike, and it is customary to row down trailing a bait behind.
  • The lines, the troll, and the bait were all ready, and the old man carried them down to the landing-place where Dock had left the dory.
  • She stood there as gently serious as the angel of disinterestedness, and it seemed to him he should insult her by treating her words as a bait for flattery.
  • The Judge, with a big hat pushed away from his warm, red face, held the can of bait and discoursed entertainingly on his past angling experiences.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bait | Bait Sentence

  • Death bait for renegades.
  • This bait was sufficient.
  • The bait took effect.
  • He had used neither bait nor fly.
  • And with so cheap a bait may a title lure.
  • The trap had failed, and the bait was gone.
  • I don't know how to put the bait on the pin.
  • All of these animals hindered operations by stealing bait and springing traps.
  • He'll find his traps sprung and his bait gone.
  • In float fishing for roach, the bait should be just touching the bottom.
  • In fishing for bream, the bait should always drag on the bottom.
  • Then they buckled on their bait boxes, now bulging with worms and crayfish.
  • McKay laughed; nevertheless he swallowed the bait and was pleased.
  • I haven't the Bait of the Limerick.
  • An enormous pike, or "jack-fish," coveted that bait and took it.
  • His black and roan, in the "Country Bait Stable," are perfect nature.

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