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  • Bakersfield, 6.50.
  • Possibly the entrance to the Gorge of the Kern R., east of Bakersfield.
  • Mr. Isaac B. Rumford, and son, hard-working farmers, of Bakersfield, Cal.
  • [40] The Kern R., probably some miles above Bakersfield.
  • "At Bakersfield--at mother's funeral," said the girl softly.

How To Use Bakersfield In A Sentence?

  • A "long trip" downstream would have brought them into the slough country south of Bakersfield.
  • In the upper San Joaquin Valley, east of Bakersfield, he was told of two Spanish soldiers who had been killed by the Indians for molesting women (Coues, 1900, p. 288) and found a Spaniard married to an Indian woman (Coues, 1900, p. 295).
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