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  • Sister Bali followed, telling her how to act.

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  • When you first arrive in Bali you swear that they are the prettiest brown-skinned women in the world.
  • Sister Bali had to take her by the arm and half drag her along, reassuring her and telling her about the books of the friars.
  • Men are not brought up in this office as a profession, but one becomes a manang bali from pure choice, or by sudden inclination, at a mature age.
  • These statements, however, proved erroneous, since we arrived east of Bali on a north-north-east course.
  • On their arrival in the forests, they are cordially received by Sugriva, the brother of Bali the king of the monkeys.
  • After a prolix interchange of civility and defiance, Rama and Bali resolve to determine their respective supremacy by single combat.
  • The Bali temples are but open courtyards enclosed within high walls, their entrances flanked by towering gate-posts, grotesquely carved.
  • From Bali quantities of dried beef and ox-tongues are exported, and from Lombock a good many ducks and ponies.
  • The men of Bali are a fine, strong, dignified, rather haughty race, fit mates in physique for their women.
  • Everything considered, Bali offers more inducements than any place I know to the tired business man or the absconding bank cashier.
  • But Sister Bali made a cross with one of her thumbs and a forefinger, and kissed it, to prove that she was telling the truth.
  • The great staples of the trade of Lombock as well as of Bali are rice and coffee; the former grown on the plains, the latter on the hills.
  • Sister Bali offered to accompany her, and together they visited the houses of all the rich folks in Tiani, but no one would accept the proposal.
  • Sister Bali thereupon rejoiced and tried to soothe her, but Juli paid no attention to her, apparently intent only upon hurrying to the convento.
  • Juli said nothing, but Sister Bali took this advice as though she had read it in a novena, and was ready to accompany the girl to the convento.
  • So, should you see the Bali dancers advertised to appear on Broadway, I strongly advise you not to miss them.
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