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  • His ball is very fine.
  • The ball is at its height.
  • Now the ball is lost.
  • That ball is the globe where he studies his geography.
  • The ball is to come off on the thirty-first.
  • Gentlemen politicians, the ball is rolling.
  • The sixth ball is dead on to the middle stump.
  • After the Ball is over?
  • The fifth ball is played forward for a risky single.
  • The ball is of no use unless you can keep it full of air.
  • The path of the ball is East and West.
  • A single ball is called a "gul.
  • Cook all together until a soft ball is formed when dropped in water.
  • There is even a flash of light when the velocity of the ball is very high.
  • An india-rubber blowing-ball is very convenient for this purpose.
  • The great charm of a ball is its perfect accord and harmony.
  • When needed a ball is pulverized and sprinkled fine over the cooked rice.
  • A ball is thrown into a barn or cellar, and wound off on the hand.
  • A hole is drilled, and into the bottom of the hole a small powder ball is put.
  • The ball is neatly "tee'd" on a patch of sand.
  • The Ball,' is his best work.
  • With this stick, which is called a "Ta-ki-cap-si-cha," the ball is manipulated.
  • The band at the anarchists' ball is tuning up for the last dance.
  • The supper-room at a ball is thrown open generally at twelve o'clock.

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  • When to leave at a ball is a very elastic rule which varies to suit the circumstances of the case.
  • Playing the regular game of basket ball is too violent exercise for the nervous person.
  • A ball is usually opened either by the hostess herself, or by one of her daughters.
  • Taking your eye off the ball is the secret of every mis-hit and mis-timed stroke.
  • When the ball is to appear, this pin is pressed and the catch releases the glass flap.
  • But the next ball is too much for the young hand, and his bails fly different ways.
  • Meanwhile the ball is beating round beneath their feet, their skates are clashing steel on steel.
  • The Cup-shaped Puff-ball.+ This species of puff-ball is round with a contracted base.
  • The neighbourhood where a ball is held is a sufficient indication as to whether it is likely to be a smart one or not.
  • The ball is thrown against a wall, and the divination is taken from the number of rebounds it makes.
  • All that his study of the ball is to teach the pupil, is the way in which shade gives the appearance of projection.
  • This is an excellent plan if the ball is falling, but is not much protection against a skimming drive along the ground.
  • This is an excellent plan if the ball is falling, but is not much protection against a skimming drive along the ground.
  • According to the custom of the place, the person giving a ball is expected to lead the figure during the whole night.
  • The slit in the outer face of the leg is unusually wide and the inclosed ball is three-fourths of an inch in diameter.
  • That is where the ball is, and there are the keen players to be met, and the glory and the hard knocks to be got.
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