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  • Get on the ball out there, boy!
  • Some boys and men were sauntering with bat and ball out into the open field.

How To Use Ball Out In A Sentence?

  • Charley scattered the embers and rolled the clay ball out of the ashes with a stick.
  • Norton was forced to punt and put the ball out of bounds at the five-yard line.
  • With this rifle you can replace the wet powder with dry and fire the ball out in much less time.
  • Collingwood stood, looking round over his shoulder after Irving and holding the ball out in the arrested attitude of one about to throw.
  • The Claflin full-back pulled the ball out of the air, quick interference formed about him and he came charging back up the field.
  • He faced Dan with determination to get that ball out to Fusie, and somehow he felt in his bones that he should succeed in doing this.
  • If you succeed in getting the ball out of her reach, it is almost certain to be a winning shot, because she will not have time to turn and go after what is a very fast-dropping ball.

Definition of Ball Out

Misspelling of bawl out. | (pinball) The loss of a ball when it falls into the area below the flippers.
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