Balloonist in a sentence

Definition of Balloonist

A person who flies in balloons, especially in hot-air balloons.

Short Example Sentence for Balloonist

  • 1. After I started in to be a balloonist I never saw my mother for seven years.

How to use Balloonist in a Sentence?

  • 1. Then, while the balloonist was protesting and pleading, Stevens formed his plan.
  • 2. A balloonist hovering here would see the river streaming through these islands in countless channels that wind and twist in a maze of silver threads.
  • 3. A perplexed balloonist was at one and the same time suppressing an outburst of hysterical laughter, and encouraging coy soil-theories to evolve themselves from the blank chambers of his brain.
  • 4. His brother, a balloonist of national reputation, had been visiting him recently, and on account of some sickness at the house, had taken a room at the hotel.