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How To Use Balsam In A Sentence?

  • Cedar and balsam branches had been placed in the corners and along the sides of the room.
  • Among other things he had eaten perhaps half a quart of spruce and balsam needles.
  • A few fresh sprays of balsam that hung beneath the beams diffused a faint aromatic fragrance.
  • She drew herself back from the balsam and looked sideways up, to see what the shoes belonged to.
  • He went back to the balsam thicket, but the gorged cub now made no effort to follow him.
  • Then he crawled into his balsam shelter, drew his blankets about him, and fell asleep.
  • Against one side wall was a great heap of balsam boughs, over which were flung robes.
  • Putting up her tent, he spread a bed of balsam within, and her own blankets upon it.
  • The children encircled it, wondering, and the sweet odour of the balsam filled the house.
  • Dr. Balsam said he was one of the best people about here, and his father was a clergyman.
  • I go away, your hidden balsam using; A little tenderness to me you are refusing!
  • Here were some of the real Russian Balsam trees, the most beautiful in shape I had ever seen.
  • When Lois came to, she was in bed, and Dr. Balsam was leaning over her with a white, set face.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Balsam | Balsam Sentence

  • I went to the balsam and examined it.
  • Cedar and balsam twig are golden-tipped.
  • The air is redolent with the smell of balsam and pine.
  • The same balsam exudes from bruises in the smooth bark.
  • In it, the balsam is carried by a subdeacon, etc.
  • Dr. Balsam gazed at her calmly.
  • And, oh, that first deep sleep on my bed of balsam spruce!
  • Around him were birches, pines, hemlocks, and balsam firs.
  • Mayerne, Dr, and his balsam of bats, 47.
  • Perhaps, Dr. Balsam knew her?
  • Against the face of a gigantic boulder was a balsam shelter.
  • A balsam yet devis'd of any kind?
  • The wine is all out of your system, and there is balsam in your blood.
  • The odor of the balsam fir is drawn out and spread far by the heat.
  • There were no trees, and it was quite light where the balsam grew.
  • The other still bruised the pungent balsam tip between its restive fingers.
  • From the balsam lean-to he brought out a small rubber bag and a towel.
  • This part of the world must be the intimate, hidden home of balsam firs.
  • Otherwise, except for the balsam bed on the floor, the room was bare.
  • Dr. Balsam appeared just then nearer to her than any one else.
  • She put balm and balsam in my wounds, and I was whole after her.
  • Sap is characterized in sugar maple, sweet gum, balsam fir, and sweet birch.
  • Dr. Balsam came over to see him, but could find nothing serious the matter.
  • Fresh leaves stuff the balsam pillows of summer visitors to the North Woods.
  • Elastic collodion: Canada Balsam 1.50 grams.
  • And Dr. Theophilus Balsam is one of the best doctors in the State.
  • When Mrs. Yorke arrived at the hotel, Dr. Balsam was nowhere to be found.

Definition of Balsam

(transitive) To treat or anoint with balsam. | (chiefly Britain) A sweet-smelling oil or resin derived from various plants. | (chiefly Britain) A plant or tree yielding such substance.
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