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  • One specimen was unearthed from the bank of a small muddy stream by a bulldozer.
  • On the bank above it grew a tangled mass of shrubs, and one or two fine holly bushes.
  • About halfway down he suddenly came to a stop, for, in front of him, rose a bank breast high.
  • The robbery of the Bank at Adelaide by Dearing had made a great sensation at the time.
  • Keith expressed his appreciation of the compliment, but thought that they must have something to bank on.
  • There are big pumping stations on the river bank to pump the water out of the river through pipes to the houses.
  • The men were instructed to work their way carefully to the bank of the stream, but not to show themselves.
  • I turned away from the bank and raced up a long slope to a saw-backed ridge that promised largely of unobstructed view.
  • With a cuff on the ear as the man burst out laughing and put his hand on her to soothe her, she turned and darted over the bank into the woods.
  • When Gray came to himself again he was lying on a bank of green herbage under the shadow of a mighty tree.
  • I stopped to see how the green blades danced in its light, how the sunshine fell down the sloping, bank across the stream below.
  • It was the name of a noted bushranger, whose last crime had been a daring robbery of the chief bank of Adelaide.
  • Not very far from the bank the invisible Frenchman was blaspheming and cursing his associates, his luck, and all the world.
  • Mr. Booth drew out a memorandum book with several bank notes folded between its pages and straightened his neat gold eyeglasses.
  • The moon was now shedding her calm light full on the path the poor girl was treading, leaving in dark shadow a high wooded bank on her left hand.
  • When the war was ended most of the Mohawk nation were dwelling on the west bank of the Niagara river.
  • Seated in the deep green of the vast meadows on the west bank of the willow-shaded Mohawk, these staring white edifices were very conspicuous.
  • I found out that he had spent so many hours in my kitchen that the question was what time he had left for the Bank of England.
  • I happen to have a considerable sum in the house at present, which I intended to lodge with the bank at Crittenden to-morrow.
  • Often from behind an ooze bank did we watch parties of these playing and chasing each other over the crests of the waves, seeming indifferent to the roughest seas.
  • He was known to have in his possession certain one-pound Bank of England notes, twenty in all, of which the numbers are known.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bank | Bank Sentence

  • They bank on brass and credulity.
  • On the edge of the river bank they came upon him.
  • A penny savings bank would also be started.
  • The top of this bank is broad and level like a table.
  • The bank will pay it in a jiffy, and glad enough.
  • Randy invited Pep to go down to the bank with him.
  • This time Cornelius held up a Bank of England note.
  • Like a donkey that drags its cart up a bank to get thistles.
  • The sand bank and the wall damaged by the storm have been repaired.
  • All around the room is a bank of snow next to the wall of the house.
  • They followed along the bank as the current swept horse and rider down.
  • From such small beginnings a vast savings bank business has grown up.
  • A small yard is built on the bank of a stream adjacent to a deep place.
  • The bank itself near the old shaft was torn, and indented with footmarks.
  • Pinkey agreed, and they rode gloomily along the creek bank looking for a ford.
  • With the recognition of this, I was scrambling up the bank myself.
  • The centre of the world is the Bank of England in Leadenhall Street.
  • Once I thought I glimpsed a moving speck on the farther bank of Lost River.
  • I didn't engage to wet-nurse its infants with bank accounts.

Definition of Bank

(transitive, order and arrangement) To arrange or order in a row. | A bench, as for rowers in a galley; also, a tier of oars. | A bench or seat for judges in court.
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