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  • Like banners in the sky.
  • Confusion on thy banners wait!
  • Her crimson banners fly.
  • It shows the masts and banners in all their details.
  • Likewise, the banners and streamers are all motionless.
  • And all her shining banners were unfurled . . .
  • Gold-colored, crystal-edged, the banners flash.
  • Under these divine banners he fought the battle of his life.
  • I saw their fallen and deserted banners sullied with dust and with blood.
  • The Christian is flying and is casting down his banners in every direction.
  • There speedily rallied to his banners all the floating scoundrelism of China.
  • All down the Boulevard the white and gold banners tossed in anger.
  • The world has all our banners now, And filched our watchwords for its own.
  • It was a motley army, without uniforms, without banners and many without arms.
  • The woods seemed to open, and the banners of Bluecher shot up in the horizon.

How To Use Banners In A Sentence?

  • Then all marched into the city through crowded streets where banners were flying.
  • Here the veterans of his army worship, beneath the banners for which they fought.
  • She thrilled with a reanimating excitement that flew its scarlet banners in her cheeks ...
  • The sun had gone down, leaving in the west flaring banners of brilliant, changing colors.
  • He talked of those who had inscribed the cross of Christ on banners dripping with human gore.
  • The narrow streets, hung with banners and lanterns and cabalistic signs, were full of people.
  • With half of the banners that earth has unfurled; Over the lamps that are brighter than stars.
  • But shining as a garden; come with the streaming Banners of dawn and sundown after rain.
  • The French knights, thrown into confusion, quitted their banners and dispersed in all directions.
  • She rejoiced in the sight of him as one may in the spectacle of an army marching with banners and music.
  • The signal sounded and the caravan was joyfully off with banners flying, and trumpets and horns blaring.
  • Even the chariots that moved to and fro were coloured as were the countless banners which floated from palace walls and temple tops.
  • The poke-weed flung out its royal purple banners while golden-rod and asters were blooming everywhere.
  • Withered leaves still clung to the branches of the oak: torn and faded banners of the departed summer.
  • More than two thousand have now descended, and our banners are flying on the hill, and our men are fortified on it.
  • For the rest of the afternoon with streaming banners they paraded the streets, discharging firearms and generally shooting up the town.
  • Bright banners and pennants flutter down from the copper roofs, and golden half-moons sparkle on every gable-ridge.
  • We walked over in companies, with banners flying and bands playing and men falling before the shots that rang out behind us.
  • After a siege of fourteen days, a breach was effected in the walls, and ten banners of the prophet waved in triumph on the ramparts.
  • Men and children stand like ranks of statues, watching the slow coming of the torches and the dark waving banners which are borne behind them.
  • So banners are flying, and children hurrying to and fro, and parents looking proud, and all looking happy.
  • We stumbled along, close up, for the thick-piled clouds still hung their light-obscuring banners over the sky.
  • Then he saw on the land a vast host of men & both hosts were making them ready for battle, and for each were many banners held on high.
  • With the dew on his brow and the rust on his mail; And the tents were all silent, the banners alone.
  • These booths were decorated with Forbes banners and attracted a great deal of comment, as the idea was a distinct innovation in this district.

Definition of Banners

plural of banner
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