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  • She banquets with her enemies.
  • The banquets are forbidden.
  • Their banquets were proverbial for their splendor.
  • Shun banquets given by strangers and by the vulgar.
  • I notice also with pleasure the banquets you are giving.
  • Here the banquets of the Gods were held.
  • At such banquets John Kemeny has no equal.
  • There were more and gaudier banquets and balls and entertainments.
  • Every dish at the banquets for which he became famous was a show piece.
  • It resembled those gloomy kitchens in which great banquets are prepared.
  • The rest of the yield provides banquets in which all the members take part.
  • Such banquets staggered Egypt's resources.
  • The banquets at the Continental are entirely French in character.
  • The banquets that ye bid me to, the trust I build my goodly hopes on?
  • Well, anyway, there were banquets and parties, until Lindy had to leave.
  • In Vale of Delight merry banquets and balls Turn quickly the night into day.

How To Use Banquets In A Sentence?

  • The banquets are interspersed with singing, in which one or two sing and the others respond.
  • They usually give club banquets and club luncheons, but rarely attain to the dignity of a cafe.
  • This delicious Greek confection was served at banquets and on all gala occasions.
  • Certain sparks struck at our meetings and banquets kindle, little by little, menacing flames.
  • And there are those whom banquets please, And masques and revelry by night.
  • The Hasselbacken is often used for the giving of banquets of ceremony, but the dinner at 3 kr.
  • There was the same emulation in the vows as in the banquets and many of the self-imposed penalties were as bizarre as the side-shows.
  • At these banquets we had a number of toasts and speeches, rather of the humorous than of the instructive kind.
  • His banquets or meetings of officers, of sharpshooters and guildsmen, are the most interesting of his works.
  • A peacock roasted whole and served up ornamented with its feathers was a favourite dish at the banquets of the fifteenth century.
  • A series of banquets and other entertainments followed each other during our stay at the palace of Tanje.
  • The week intervening between the betrothal and the nuptials was passed in a succession of banquets and tourneys, gorgeous in their elaboration.
  • These dinners, formal as they were, are to be distinguished carefully from the extravagant banquets of the ostentatious rich.
  • They held it becoming to be ceaselessly lavish, to play high and long, to dazzle not only in the tensons but in the banquets and jousts.
  • On those rare occasions when a Peer comes to our civic banquets we show him that we know what is due to his rank.
  • And yet in that kitchen, in former days, banquets had been prepared to furnish a table at which a hundred guests had sat down.
  • We have heard something of late concerning the "banquet habit," and there are banquets which make it seem to the point.
  • In the measure that the campaign of the banquets was prolonged, the latter hypothesis became, contrary to my expectation, the more probable.
  • I'm at Christmas dinners or banquets or parties, and the tables are covered with good things.
  • The Spaniards were greeted courteously when they went abroad, and their leaders were entertained at fetes and banquets by the nobles.
  • Yule-tide in December celebrated the sun's turning back, and was marked by banquets and gayety.
  • Thus, the divinities have feasted, at your board, off the same viands that supply their banquets on Olympus.
  • They give banquets very frequently, for very slight causes; and everything resolves itself into eating, drinking, and great noise.
  • Then there were magnificent banquets in the Alcazar, the tables being covered with silver dishes filled with rare and highly-seasoned meats.

Definition of Banquets

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of banquet | plural of banquet
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