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How To Use Bantam In A Sentence?

  • Jack, sir, was a little cut; but me and the Bantam went out and finished the evening on hot gin.
  • Wolfert Harmensz voor Bantam verdreven, waarna Furtado de reis naar de Molukken voortzette.
  • The white rooster was the loudest of all, and the little bantam rooster stretched his neck and did the best he could.
  • There is a little bantam hen here, a great pet, who comes up to the front door with the other bantams to be fed.
  • When the two reached the chicken-houses Dicksie examined the nest where she was setting the bantam hen.
  • The size of eggs laid by ducks, especially the bantam breeds and the Mallard can be increased somewhat by liberal feeding.
  • Most of the women had something frizzled around their shoes, which were called pantalets, giving their extremities the appearance of the legs of so many bantam hens.
  • Since Bantam has seen fit to peacably agree to this scheme of mine, Bantam Books is not going to fuss about this.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bantam | Bantam Sentence

  • But the bantam had his instructions.
  • Save the young bantam for the last.
  • This is not a bantam hen at all; this is a bantam rooster.
  • Februari 1609 voor Bantam verschenen.
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  • Just then a brave little white bantam rooster hopped down from his perch.
  • I've had that little bantam in my rooms since seven o'clock.
  • Little, Brown & Co, 1957, pbr Bantam 1959, (m).
  • The mud was too deep for the Shanghai to run and the bantam killed him.
  • This is a black breed which is small in size being a bantam duck like the Call.
  • Scribner's 1947, pbr Bantam 1952, (m).
  • Mr. Justice Bantam had his prejudices, but he had a fair and honest mind.

Definition of Bantam

small or miniature | spirited or aggressive | any of several small chickens, especially of a breed that is a miniature version of another breed.
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