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  • For baptisms and deaths the rule is the same.
  • The number of baptisms includes those of the other party.
  • In 1670 eighty-four baptisms were recorded.
  • Chan Sui Chung had over fifty baptisms in his mission in 1899.

How To Use Baptisms In A Sentence?

  • In baptisms and burials he was held by many in as high repute as the regular ministers.
  • Christian burial, Baptisms and marriages could only be performed in the graveyards.
  • After a very prolonged interview, we parted without a single reference to the baptisms or to religious services!
  • His name appears at intervals in the local records, notably on the register of baptisms as a godfather.
  • There were fifty-three baptisms last year, and twenty-one others were added to the membership of the church.
  • Near the cathedral is a building much smaller in size called a baptistery, a place where baptisms are made in connection with church services.
  • The wholesale baptisms have their real significance in the frame of mind receptive for the patient Christian nurture that follows.
  • According to Shipman the custom of making presents at baptisms declined in the time of the Commonwealth.
  • That the three hundred Friars can lead idle lives is hardly compatible with the number of baptisms and marriages recorded within a year.
  • These date from 1559, containing baptisms to 1598 and marriages to 1574, but are copies on parchment of an older register (on paper) now lost.
  • Another register, on paper, dates from 1595, and contains baptisms down to 1610, marriages to 1629, and burials to 1608.

Definition of Baptisms

plural of baptism
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