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  • On the third day of our homeward voyage we were sailing close-hauled on the larboard tack, with the island of Barbuda just visible away to windward.
  • Rabbits and pigeons are occasionally added to the luxuries of the Creole banquet; and venison finds its way from the neighbouring island of Barbuda.
  • At Barbuda, the earthquake was also severely felt--all the stone buildings, with the exception of a small school-room, fell.
  • Again, while the mountainous islands of the Lesser Antilles, with their luxuriantly forested slopes, present ideal pictures of tropical loveliness, low-lying Sombrero, Barbuda, St. Martin, and other similar islands are so arid that guano has accumulated on them to such an extent as to be of commercial importance.
  • (now modernized into "Bath Lodge,") and comprising "Betty's Hope," the "Cotton Estate," and the "Cables," all in the Island of Antigua, and the entire Island of Barbuda, in the general bequest to his eldest son and successor.

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  • E quando entrou na varanda a sua face mais barbuda, mais requeimada,
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