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  • The bard was in a sweat of vexation.
  • To bard more sweet than golden wreaths.
  • O honey-spoken bard of truth!
  • Whittier, bard of freedom.
  • I looked bard at her, and bit my lip.
  • But the native bard must have made writing superfluous.
  • Well pleased, the bard and the maiden entered.
  • O Bard of many songs!
  • Man's mighty spirit, in the bard reveal'd!
  • That bard of heaven, earth, chaos, and perdition!
  • The plums and pudding with the Bard of Rydal!
  • Thus ended our visit to the Bard of Sheffield.
  • The Fledgling Bard and the Poetry Society.
  • He asserts his dignity as bard and inspired man of his people.
  • Still silent, the bard drew his seax and cut the strings with one blow.
  • We admire that in an ancient for which we should send a modern bard to Bedlam.
  • But on the other hand a bard is not Supposed to run the risk of being shot.
  • The friendless bard and rustic song Became alike thy fostering care.
  • A fabled Muse may suit a bard that feigns: Friend of my life!
  • In the second Antistrophe the Bard thus marks the progress of Poetry.
  • Like Miles, that wandering bard was a convert to the Catholic Faith.

How To Use Bard In A Sentence?

  • Dr. Ketchup had been a blacksmith, but bard work disagreed with his constitution.
  • Why is the Bard unpitied by the world, Yet has so keen a relish of its pleasures?
  • Such various minds the bard alone can sway, My friend, oh work this miracle today!
  • Who, bard thrice glorious, all delightful flows, And wrapt the soul of poetry in prose.
  • Mad with thy boon, his impious rage Smites saint and bard and God and sage.
  • The Welsh bard may have received the story from Breton sources, or the converse may be the case.
  • Twas the bard struck the loud strings: Arise, Son of the magic song, arise!
  • What bolder bard to Boston shall repair, To view the peevish, half-starved spectres there?
  • It might be worth enquiring at this time, whether the Roman Bard was inspired by the Holy Ghost?
  • After the death of Urien, Taliesin was the bard of his son Owain, by whose hand Ida fell.
  • He drove so vicious a blow at the bard that when the latter side-stepped the boss staggered against the side of the camp.
  • Rapt into future times, the bard begun: A Virgin shall conceive, a Virgin bear a Son!
  • They then extricate the torn garment, and the good-natured bard takes the child into the carriage along with him.
  • The first was the bard of a rude time, while round the second cluster all the associations of a refined and lettered age.
  • He did not perform his engagement, but kept the money, and abused our sinning bard when he reproached him with the cheat.
  • The bard did not create but gave utterance to the fleeting thoughts which then prevailed respecting the Devil.
  • From this charge, however, the bard has been vindicated by various writers, and by different arguments.
  • Now a torturing anxiety beset him lest his great deeds might be forgotten, and he humbled himself to the character of bard of his own epic poem.
  • Not a bit abashed, the bard pulled out his dirk, and there was like to be a pretty to-do when I put between them.

Definition of Bard

To cover a horse in defensive armor. | (cooking) To cover (meat or game) with a thin slice of fat bacon. | A piece of defensive (or, sometimes, ornamental) armor for a horse's neck, breast, and flanks; a barb. (Often in the plural.)
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