Barium In A Sentence

Definition of Barium

A metallic chemical element (symbol Ba) with an atomic number of 56. | (countable) A single atom of this element. | (medicine) barium sulfate suspension.

How To Use Barium In A Sentence?

  • Could lead nitrate be used in place of barium chloride in testing for sulphates?
  • Could calcium chloride be used in place of barium chloride in testing for sulphates?
  • It is commonly prepared by the action of a solution of sulphuric acid on barium dioxide.
  • It consists of a mixture, nitro-cellulose and the nitrates of barium and potassium.
  • Could barium hydroxide be used in place of calcium hydroxide in testing for carbon dioxide?
  • In this reaction it will be seen that the two elements barium and hydrogen simply exchange places.
  • The colouring matter used is aurine, and the small quantity of nitrate used is the barium salt.
  • The screen of barium platinocyanide is, therefore, another means for revealing the unknown world.
  • The relations by weight of total combustion would be 51.6 of gun-cotton to 48.4 of barium nitrate.
  • Acetone is usually prepared, however, by the dry distillation of crude calcium or barium acetate.
  • Write equations to represent the reactions involved in the preparation of barium chloride from heavy spar.
  • The barium carbonate can then be filtered off and converted into any desired salt by the processes already described.
  • It is prepared by treating a mixture of citral and acetone with barium hydrate, and distilling in vacuo.
  • The substance becomes reduced to sulphide of barium and sulphide of strontium, when it should be dissolved in hydrochloric acid.
  • It consists of finely divided and macerated gun-cotton incorporated with finely ground nitrate of barium which has been carefully recrystallised.
  • The nitrates of potassium and barium are also used admixed with nitro- cellulose in several of the sporting smokeless powders.
  • When added to a solution of lead or barium salt the corresponding chromates (not dichromates) are precipitated.
  • On adding barium chloride to either of the above salts, a vermilion-red precipitate was formed, consisting of barium iso-purpurate.
  • It is a brown powder which easily gives up a part of its oxygen and, like manganese dioxide and barium dioxide, is a good oxidizing agent.
  • A crucible filled with the thermit mixture is set up above the joint and the thermit ignited with a priming of aluminum and barium peroxide to start it off.
  • The barium peroxide having a superabundance of oxygen gives it up readily and the aluminum thus encouraged attacks the iron oxide and robs it of its oxygen.
  • This improvement was effected by a reduction of the barium nitrate and the use of nitro- cellulose of a higher degree of nitration, and also more gelatinisation in manufacture.
  • It is a nitro-cellulose powder, a mixture of insoluble and soluble nitro- cellulose together with the nitrates of barium and potassium, and a small percentage of calcium carbonate.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Barium | Barium Sentence

  • Soluble barium compounds are poisonous.
  • The chloride of barium produces the deepest color.
  • What weight of barium sulphate will be formed at the same time?
  • How many grams of barium dioxide will be required to prepare 1 kg.
  • In other words, the barium and hydrogen in the two compounds exchange places.
  • Oxides of lead, zinc, and barium are often used in this way.
  • In this case a small quantity of barium sulphate, say about 1 per cent.
  • S.S. of nitro-lignine mixed with barium nitrate and nitro-benzene.
  • The sodium, ammonium, and barium salts are, however, easily soluble in water.

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