Bark In A Sentence

Definition of Bark

To strip the bark from; to peel. | To abrade or rub off any outer covering from. | To girdle.

How To Use Bark In A Sentence?

  • He rolled the bark tightly, and tied it with the thread which she brought from her bundle.
  • The men built a hut of brush and bark which sheltered the party from the driving rain.
  • It was not a bark of defiance, nor of alarm, nor of astonishment, nor of warning.
  • Then the White Doggish Something leaped up and barked a sharp, fluttery bark like a signal.
  • I said it because I had recognized by the dog's bark that it was Sam Smith's tan.
  • Having said this he immediately took a sharp axe with which to remove the bark and the rough surface.
  • Could she but know her lover was in the bark whose white sail now gleamed on the sunny bosom of the sea!
  • Suddenly he sprang up and bounded impetuously against the wall with a hoarse, rough bark of fearful loudness.
  • He scuffed at the bark on the corral pole with his foot and thought sourly of the rot he had read about love begetting love.
  • But no sooner did he see who it was than he gave a joyful bark and attempted to spring forward to meet him, but fell from weakness.
  • All the large trunks stood erect, but the bark had peeled off, and they looked very sad in their nakedness.
  • In autumn and winter cottontails forage in woods and along woodland edges for bark of trees and shrubs and for fallen fruits of trees.
  • So saying, he dipped his paddle with vigour, and the light bark shot swiftly over the glancing water.
  • They are covered over with boards, upon which tan bark is placed, and another row of pots is placed on this.
  • This specimen, a male having 144 ventrals and 55 caudals, was found beneath bark on a log in the forest.
  • This specimen, a male having 173 ventrals and 69 caudals, was found beneath the bark on a log in the forest.
  • When the bark cracks through the heat of the sun, it is pulled off the tree, and being dried in the sun a short time becomes cinnamon.
  • They value a philosopher as they value an apothecary who brings bark or a drench; and inspiration is only some blowpipe, or a finer mechanical aid.
  • The thin birch bark had been gashed and slit, pieces had been cut out, and not one of them had escaped injury or was fit to take the water.
  • Scattered about the outer edge of the clearing, close to the circle of trees, were a few bark huts, with roofs sagging and doors agape.
  • The trees and shrubs, however, were still green and were waxy looking, and sap ran sown the bark of some of those trees.
  • His leg was badly broken, and nearly severed by his efforts to get loose, and the bark of the poles was worn away within reach of his struggles.
  • She brought him the cup, and he emptied the flowers on the floor, tearing open the seams, and drying the wet white bark on his sleeve.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bark | Bark Sentence

  • On the bark tempest-tost!
  • Do you forbid even to bark at these wolves?
  • Bore our light bark to that enchanted shore.
  • A joyous, willing bark rang out.
  • I always said yer bark was worse than yer bite.
  • Whoever gives but a little of its bark to a lady will win her love.
  • Menard rested his hand on a strip of rotting bark in the wall.
  • For a moment the crowd was so interested that it forgot to bark and snarl.
  • She was lying on her back and her wings were caught in the bark of the stump.
  • Pinkey shifted uneasily and picked a bit of bark off the corral pole.
  • The sap can not turn into wood and bark and fruit until it has met the air.
  • It changes into the rough bark and hard wood of the apple tree.
  • The voices of sailors came cheerfully from a bark at anchor below the point.
  • He cut a deep gash in the bark of the nearest to him, and went on.
  • She was leaning against the bark wall, looking at the two men.
  • The specimen obtained at Toocog was under the bark of a standing dead tree.
  • On the bark of the tree was scored the name of Deacon Peabody.

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