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How To Use Barn In A Sentence?

  • Then when the work was done there were the kittens in the barn and the swing in the apple-tree.
  • Receiving no answer, he rubbed his eyes, and found that he was not in the barn at all.
  • He got the rig in the barn ready and told the two hired men they could go back to their beds.
  • It is said that she even did the barn work, and milked the cows, during that tragic time.
  • Curiosity tempting me on, I crept up to the barn and looked in through the partly opened door.
  • On nearing the barn I was astonished to notice a gleam of light issuing from the half-closed door.
  • A sunshiny man came leading a horse from the sleepy old barn that stood beyond the Lady House.
  • I couldn't hit the rail; then I tried the barn door; but I couldn't hit the barn door.
  • There was the barn in which they could play, and there were the fields and woods in which they could wander.
  • James then said he meant to go to the barn and get his horse-cart, and haul a load of sand to market.
  • Other islands have one house and barn on them, this sole family being lords and rulers of all the land which the sea girds.
  • After supper, under the evening star we marched back to the barn again, which also served as our town hall.
  • There, there he stands now behind the barn with his hands full of lumps of coal watching for one that killed his chicken a month ago.
  • If we go against 'em now, it'll be all same goin' blindfolded into a barn t' pick out the best hoss.
  • He then took a little wisp of straw, and brushed away a clean place upon the barn floor, and then poured down the nails upon it.
  • The three vagabonds soon came near a farmyard, where, upon the barn door, the cock was sitting crowing with all his might.
  • They walked down the barn floor, and in one place Rollo passed a large bull chained by the nose in one of the stalls.
  • A barn in the vicinity of the city has long been shown as the place where Kosciuszko slept the night before he entered Cracow.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Barn | Barn Sentence

  • Note the ancient barn and dovecote.
  • It was a long barn indeed.
  • No barn was large enough to hold them.
  • The friends entered the barn without being molested.
  • The little barn was within a hundred yards of the house.
  • He led the way to a small barn near a smaller hut.
  • He brought it along, and set it down on the barn floor.
  • Notes on the barn owls of the San Francisco Bay Region.
  • Then we'll dash into the barn and mount.
  • They proceeded from somewhere in the direction of the barn behind the house.
  • The smooth chimney swift flashes above the barn and is gone.
  • Clyde took her team to the livery barn and she came up to my room with me.
  • Nora says she saw him going out to the barn a little while ago.
  • The two were talking earnestly as the horses stopped before the barn door.
  • Affairs reached a climax one night in an old barn on the outskirts of a town.
  • Rollo sat down upon the clean barn floor, and began his task.
  • Sam, the hired man, heard him and came out of the barn door with his gun.
  • Mr. Waterton saw his barn owl fly off with a rat he had just shot.
  • Well, it was just as bare as a barn when I came here six months ago.
  • Scott left the barn at half-past ten with a led horse for Whispering Smith.
  • Passing the barn door, we heard the strident sound of Alrik's complaining.
  • Next day, I borraed a' outfit and waited nigh her barn till she come in sight.

Definition of Barn

(transitive) To lay up in a barn. | (dialectal, parts of Northern England) A child.
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