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  • Cotton is a barometer for all other goods.
  • Fogs prevail when the barometer is low.
  • It served as a barometer of popular opinion.
  • For this reason a single barometer is not of much use.
  • The barometer indicated a great and immediate change.
  • The room also contained a barometer and an accordion.
  • The barometer falls before rain, or storms.
  • Axis line, wind S., barometer falling, first half of storm.
  • Axis line, wind W., barometer falling, first half of storm.
  • The mercury in a barometer has frozen so that it might be beaten on an anvil.
  • The average reading of the barometer at the sea level is 760 mm.
  • Watch your barometer and the weather flags, and when in doubt hug the harbor.
  • The artist, who is the barometer of social change, was attuned to peace.
  • Colonel House, who is a good reader of the barometer here, sees no danger.

How To Use Barometer In A Sentence?

  • Thus it will be seen that the barometer will register the slightest change in air pressure.
  • A high barometer is best for the haymakers and it is best for the human spirits.
  • She had often called herself a human barometer and her spirits were apt to shift with the wind.
  • Parlay skipped with astonishing nimbleness across the crowded room to the barometer on the wall.
  • It has never given me serious trouble, more than to be a barometer of changing weather.
  • The same is true of a high-pressure area, if the barometer rises rapidly from any point.
  • At the time this happened, the barometer stood at 29, 75, and the thermometer at 56.
  • About such things it is as difficult for a woman to be mistaken as it is for a barometer to be hoodwinked in matters meteorologic.
  • Now let us go back to the barometer and see what part it plays in predicting changes in the weather.
  • As a general principle we should say that vessels within this area should observe the barometer every three hours.
  • All the trefoil may serve as a barometer to the husbandman; they always contract their leaves on an impending storm.
  • The average height of the barometer is above thirty inches, and the average summer heat at noon is about 78 deg.
  • Business men who are accustomed to watching fluctuations in exchange rates use the quotations as a sort of barometer to foretell trade conditions.
  • The reading of a single barometer alone will give us but a faint idea of what is really going to happen from day to day.
  • He fancied there was some slight change in the atmosphere, and wanted to read the barometer affixed to a stake just outside the tent.
  • A barometer may read low at one station by the scale, but may be high with reference to some other barometer that reads very low.
  • Affected thus, digestive power wanes or increases, goes down or up, as mercury in a barometer from weather conditions.
  • He was professor of philosophy and mathematics at Glasgow, and was one of the first to use the barometer in measuring altitudes.
  • We know that, roughly speaking, a barometer varies a little less than one tenth of an inch with every hundred feet of elevation.
  • Now, then, on all coming pages the barometer falls from one degree to another, ere the threatened tempest breaks forth.
  • In another hour, the sultry oppressiveness steadily increasing and the stark calm still continuing, the barometer had fallen to 29.70.
  • Having descended several minor rapids, I greatly regretted that we had no barometer to ascertain the actual dip of the interior.
  • The face of the country was gradually rising, and, ere long, the barometer indicated a height of fifteen hundred feet above the level of the sea.
  • Entering the room, Jeremy, without greeting me, walked across the floor and tapped the barometer on the wall.
  • Mrs. Weems, hovering near the radio to hear the last-minute reports, declared that the barometer continued to fall.
  • The barometer hanging to a tree-branch caught his eye, and I tried by signs to explain it to him with no success except to convulse the whole crew.

Definition of Barometer

An instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure. | (figuratively, by extension) Anything used as a gauge or indicator.
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