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  • But they were not cold and barren peaks to her.
  • The country was barren of humanity.
  • Her heart was barren as a blot of ink.
  • This has been a week altogether barren of events.
  • Strait, strait and barren is the vale!
  • History is as blank at this point, as a barren oasis.
  • A search in other domains of sport will be by no means barren of results.
  • Life is a narrow vale between the cold and barren peaks of two eternities.
  • The barren outland wastes slumbered in the charitable dusk of night.
  • Yes, like all other barren dreams formed to promote universal felicity.
  • We wash, and free from all stain are we, Yet barren evermore must be!
  • Then barren boughs are bright with green, And leaden skies are glad with gold.
  • Thus I on barren rocks despair, And curse my stars, yet bless my fair.

How To Use Barren In A Sentence?

  • The country through which the army has marched has been barren and mountainous in the extreme.
  • I will not be barren of my armorie, in my future perambulation for the lower element.
  • The enchantments of barren shingle and rough weather transformed every adventurer into a laborer.
  • They were cold and dingy rock cubes, barren of anything on which to rest on and to keep warm with.
  • Your presence would make a paradise where otherwise would be the loneliest, most barren desert.
  • The bare and barren valley was softened and glorified into a strange, half-ghostly beauty.
  • Here are oracles sometimes profusely given, to which the memory goes back in barren hours.
  • History is barren of an instance of a Power defeated in war, who retained command of the sea.
  • It was a lonely, desolate country, treeless, a barren waste; but Jean loved it.
  • In the barren home it's faand; Natur fits it to be poor, An 'twor vain to strive for moor.
  • The branches that are low to the ground have to have the sunlight and if they do not get it they become practically barren during later years.
  • I had looked upon these lands as so barren that it seemed as if it were impossible that they could ever be made useful.
  • It is situated at the base of a lofty barren cliff of a yellowish cast, and has been partially restored.
  • Rhoda stared at them languidly and wondered what the forgotten vessels could have contained in a region so barren of life or hope.
  • Great forest-clad hills reared their torn and barren crests to enormous heights out of the dead level of the prairie.
  • Not so easy is it to renounce love, and look forward to a life barren of its best and sweetest gift.
  • The street was vacant, barren of the accustomed throng that usually awaited near the post-office the arrival of the infrequent stagecoach.
  • Lite said no more about it until they reached the house, huddled lonesomely against the barren bluff, its windows staring black into the dusk.
  • Ere long they came to a wide plain, one half of which was green and fruitful, while the other half was barren and dry.
  • They officiate at weddings, sprinkle water upon babes, and utter meaningless words and barren promises above the dead.
  • And by the sheer beauty of her soul, and the purity of her vision, she wins from barren and unpromising surroundings those rewards of high courage.
  • As he was wandering among the barren sands, and almost dead with heat and hunger, he saw a cave in the side of a rock.
  • He rode day after day across those barren wastes of back-country, and spared no effort to find some sign of the missing man.
  • It is an intensely wild and lonely spot, and the cold, dank air blowing across the barren wastes renders it all the more inhospitable.
  • Far, far above the desert as they were, still farther above them stretched the wonderful barren ridges, snow-capped and silent.
  • In two minutes the Mount was a barren waste, the fissures on its sides were empty, and the seats on the crags were bare.
  • What a barren world ours would appear, were the ground, the hills, the trees and the flowers, the sky and the waters all of one colour!

Definition of Barren

(not comparable) Unable to bear children; sterile. | Of poor fertility, infertile; not producing vegetation. | Bleak.
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