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  • It was a sense of the barrenness of my own future that had made me so restless.
  • The sheer barrenness of the islet on which they were now stranded was its vital defect.
  • They apologize for the unusual barrenness of their table, when they never live any better.
  • She was speaking of Wingfield, and of the literary barrenness of house-parties in general.
  • May Aur├ómazda protect this country from hostile armies, from barrenness and evil!
  • Nothing could exceed the apparent barrenness of these plains, or the cheerlessness of the landscape.
  • A few spiny green shrubs struggled through at intervals, but their presence only intensified the barrenness about them.
  • The singular circumstance is the association of so much barrenness with the stupendous industries of the busiest people in the world.
  • These were so familiar to me, that the total absence of them was like the barrenness of a garden without flowers in bloom.
  • There are, however, very few causes of barrenness that cannot be removed when the patient is perfectly developed.
  • At the season when vegetation is elsewhere at its richest, the dominant features of the landscape are barrenness and desolation.
  • But the immediate barrenness of much patient and careful reasoning should not make us think that it is lost labour.
  • The mind is defended against the deadening influence of many isolated particulars and also against the barrenness of a merely formal principle.
  • The countess could not endure a barrenness which threatened the end of a great name, the extinction of a noble race.
  • It will be found a great relief in both health and sickness, and in many cases cure barrenness and other diseases of the womb.
  • Its barrenness forms a complete contrast to the other slope, on which is the cottage of Farrabesche.
  • The utter bleak barrenness of the man and his life came home to her, struggling with her gratitude, her sense of duty.
  • So far as we knew, the wind had carried no sparks across the river to fire the south side and drive us back to the barrenness of the burned lands.
  • Queer and isolated it seemed, a tiny, pathetic magicland far away from the barrenness of Switzerland.
  • As to the second, you ask that which it is not in my power to give, since children are the gift of Heaven, and barrenness is its bane.
  • Their very crudeness, their nakedness, their barrenness of accessory, their sharp, brilliant coloring, cause them to stand out in strong relief.
  • For my part, I thank the Lord for the beautiful barrenness that has consecrated this great region to loneliness.
  • In considering the question of their expediency, we should also remember that barrenness is much more common in hot climates than in those which are temperate.
  • As will be shown below, the barrenness and desolation of this arid tract is not so great as it seemed to those who first invaded its primeval solitude.
  • It should be recollected that the comparative barrenness of civil law in archaic collections is consistent with those other characteristics of ancient jurisprudence which have been discussed in this treatise.
  • And the bleak and frigid barrenness that met his gaze was so implacably hostile to any living thing as to bring a shudder of more than physical cold.
  • Rivers of gladness water all the earth, And clothe all climes with beauty; the reproach Of barrenness is gone.
  • She was not in the least afraid; she had forgotten for the moment the barrenness of the streets that awaited her outside, and the fact that she had come to the end of her hopes.
  • On the very first day he is sickened by the coldness and barrenness of the rooms, and frightened by the first contact with life he is instinctively afraid of the evil which was to overtake him after all.
  • Here and there tufts of grass grew beside the stony track, but they were brown and scorched, and served only to emphasise the barrenness of the land.
  • A Cyprian seer informed Busiris that the barrenness would cease if a man were annually sacrificed to Zeus.
  • Their present barrenness was the just punishment of their former trespassing; but their actual good dispositions having atoned for the past transgressions, they would be blessed with children.
  • She dreaded a life of drudgery; she dreaded humiliation among her inferiors; but that which she feared most of all was the barrenness of a lot into which would enter none of the passionate joys of existence.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Barrenness | Barrenness Sentence

  • Hence the barrenness of our ministry.
  • But surely such rules betray barrenness of invention.
  • The Barrenness of Anna.
  • The barrenness of its scenery has been drawn by skilful pen and pencil.
  • After the barrenness of the desert, vegetation was now resuming its empire.
  • The trespass of time he resented; the barrenness of his hope he grieved.
  • So they rattled away through the barrenness and drew near to Nogales.

Definition of Barrenness

The property of being barren; the property of not supporting life.
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