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Definition of Barrow

A long sleeveless flannel garment for infants.

How To Use Barrow In A Sentence?

  • Sometimes she was wheeled in a barrow surrounded by a few bundles of household treasure.
  • For me to use this as my dwelling is like a coster drawing his barrow with a thoroughbred.
  • He trundled the barrow briskly out of sight to where a mound of soil awaited his efforts.
  • He was buried in a barrow not far from the house, and a stone was set up which is still standing.
  • Brown looked sharply back at the road behind him; the man with the barrow had suddenly vanished.
  • Off they went again, however, to the quarry and refilled the barrow as fast as they could.
  • A boy from the refreshment-room came along, wheeling a barrow on which were tea and coffee.
  • The man was just pushing off his barrow when he stopped and came close to the Major.
  • His face growing violently red, Barrow soon forgot to be indignant in the excess of his wonder.
  • The long barrow is usually about 200 feet in length, 40 feet wide, and 8 to 12 feet high.
  • Miss Barrow had been constantly sick through taking arsenic, and they had only found it out....
  • Suddenly the top sergeant, his back turned to the squad, grilled Barrow with a blazing gaze.
  • It is not unusual to see a barrow in the centre, or near, an old churchyard, as at Taplow, Bucks.
  • The old man dropped the handles of the barrow which he was just about to trundle, and stared at her queerly.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Barrow | Barrow Sentence

  • But not so the wheels on which his barrow was supported.
  • What a disgusting mess the barrow is in!
  • Biddy had set down her barrow to retort.
  • He went with his barrow for more bulbs.
  • The barrow was heavy and they took it in turns.
  • The barrow had been evidently previously opened.
  • Then the barrow would be wheeled out into the yard.
  • The lass with her barrow wheels hither her store.
  • As soon as one barrow was filled, another took its place.
  • The entrance to Barrow Court was somewhat forbidding.
  • The total absence of ice in Barrow Strait is astonishing.
  • On the 19th Montebelle and Barrow Islands were surveyed.
  • Dr. Barrow remained at the Manor House most of the night.
  • The barrow excited the attention of the boys more than the other vehicles.
  • Then he picked up the barrow as if no one had spoken and went on.
  • One man with his barrow full or empty was always in the passage.
  • And we've left the barrow at the bottom of the pool!
  • The man let fall the barrow as if he had been cut with a whip lash.
  • The basins scooped in the soil of a barrow may have served the same purpose.
  • War spares not the child; it spares not the barrow of the harmless scavenger.
  • Two men now came by, lifted the tree upon a barrow and carried it away.
  • One or two people arrived, and took seats on a barrow in a shady place.
  • The excavation of this barrow was commenced on the 17th of July 1854.
  • This time Barrow patiently singled out the soldier giving the poorest salute.
  • The Barrow is about 44 feet in diameter, and about 6 feet high.
  • About the time that Barrow Street was opened Grove Street was cut through.

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