Barter In A Sentence

Definition of Barter

(transitive, intransitive) To exchange goods or services without involving money. | An exchange of goods or services without the use of money. | The goods or services used in such an exchange.

How To Use Barter In A Sentence?

  • Assailable barter in withdrawing slaughter is not the least of expression of following disaster.
  • With the breakdown of money economy the practice of international barter is becoming prevalent.
  • Of all the generation of rogues, he was least fitted to barter away his underpinning.
  • It is an interesting and lively scene, and the bicker and barter go on by the hour.
  • Who would barter the glorious reality of the first for the mean and shallow mockery of the last?
  • The system of barter was going out of fashion, and money was required for commercial operations.
  • These articles they barter with us for odoriferous woods and earth, and our salt of wood ashes.
  • If a woman should find ivory, she cannot sell it; it belongs to her husband to barter it.
  • While they gather and eat pine nuts, they generally save them for purposes of barter or sale.
  • To the northeast and south of Bontoc barter will purchase practically anything.
  • The King determined never to seem to barter his conscience for personal safety.
  • Jorgen, by his own proposal, was to barter English produce for Icelandic tallow.
  • To barter beads for Whitby jet, And tin for gay shell torques and such.
  • Now if I desire a jacket I can buy it with coin, Or barter for it something of my stock.
  • The Period of Barter 15 Chapter IV.
  • On that occasion her excellent business judgment and her powers of barter had attracted him strongly.
  • Indians prize these feathers so highly that they will barter a valuable horse for the tail of a single bird.
  • This Wronged One would not barter this place of exile for the Most Sublime Habitation.
  • A common exchange of value for value; such as low creatures barter for with each other in the exchange.
  • While all of this copper may have been obtained by barter from the whites, yet some of it may have been native.
  • We gave them to understand that we were anxious to barter with them, and very cautiously approached the real object of our visit.
  • The rule of barter still survives in the country grocery where butter and eggs are traded for sugar and salt.
  • Another petty officer is appointed in each enclosure to barter goods for the game or peltry which they bring in or crops that they manage to raise.
  • Tribal barter has developed into a world-wide commerce until the most distant nation may easily acquire the products of another.
  • Powhatan refused to trade unless the white men left their firearms on their barges and would barter corn only for the coveted articles.
  • So those who live upon the ocean come to possess that which they will not barter for ease, and so the timber cruiser shortens his visit to town.
  • He tried to counteract it by loading with presents another native who came to barter balls of cotton, and sending him away again.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Barter | Barter Sentence

  • The barter was soon over.
  • From barter to money.
  • Evidently simple barter was the rule.
  • This was necessary for barter as well as for personal use.
  • Most of them trade, and barter wax with the villages.
  • Raven rolled up his articles of barter and set them upon one side.
  • Days when a native would barter eighteen sable skins for an ax.
  • In early times the father might sell his daughters and barter his sisters.
  • I took on board an assorted cargo, calculated for a barter trade.
  • In British territory all this style of barter was of course unlawful.
  • Some were men, indeed, who knew their own souls, and would not barter them.
  • These were made of horsehair obtained by barter from Central Siberia.
  • And they hadn't sunk so low as to stop the barter with the civilized Pyrrans.

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