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  • Stealing is one thing, bartering another.
  • In bartering love; God's love for man's.
  • The general plan of traffic here is bartering one article for another.
  • It is uncommonly like bartering one's soul for guineas.

How To Use Bartering In A Sentence?

  • There must be no more forcible conquests, no more bartering of unwilling populations.
  • Max had been bartering fat-tailed sheep for goods with some of his customers and he wanted a herd.
  • Nor has he need of bartering them for the great of his new home; they go very well together.
  • It was a source of much satisfaction and gain to me that my position held me far above the bartering and dickering of the small traders.
  • Can you dimly picture me with my groom, followed by a mess-cart, going from stall to stall and bartering with the peasants?
  • The responsibilities of fatherhood had brought an added zest and tang to his keen, bartering Mongol brain.
  • We made our passage to Old Providence in seventeen days, where we remained about three days bartering off goods in our usual manner.
  • He realized that he was sacrificing his manhood, that he was bartering his convictions for flattery and ease by allying himself to Calvin and his following.
  • And if these poor creatures obtained in their bartering too much bread and milk and too little rum and tobacco, they were beaten by their men as no white man would beat the meanest animal.
  • The thought of dwelling above the sordid bartering of commercial life, of being in a position to exercise those mental powers with which he felt himself so generously endowed, almost swept him off his feet.
  • After bartering the belongings of the fleet, the officers and people may barter the other merchandise of which, according to this mandate, they shall pay us the fifth part.
  • The hundreds of Africans who were bartering in the market-place turned and stared at the strange white woman who swiftly passed through their midst and disappeared into the bush beyond.

Definition of Bartering

present participle of barter | barter
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