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  • What relationships are they based on?
  • References are based on this edition.
  • It is based on many interviews.
  • They are all based on a diameter limit.
  • Partly based on the 28th ed.
  • Most of the adaptations are based on this translation.
  • All warfare is based on deception.
  • It is based on linguistic phenomena.
  • Methods based on equilibrium in solution.
  • Our only hope was based on early reenforcements.
  • Russia is based on the feudal right of autocracy.
  • This is an epic drama based on his life.
  • Descriptions of color are based on fresh pelages.
  • This rule is just and is based on a good reason.
  • They are based on the practical outcome of such enactments.
  • This is an axiom based on the continuity of events.
  • This poem is based on an actual occurrence.
  • This discourse of mine is based on a syllogism.
  • My belief was based on your use of those names.
  • Based on the 1940 national electrical code.
  • Our civilisation is more or less based on the principle.
  • Surely this plan is based on exactly the same principle.
  • The distinctions based on difference have persisted.
  • Every perception of the senses is based on some object.
  • It is not based on the feudal doctrine of tenures.
  • His system was based on the roller-towel.
  • His social insurgency is based on resentment at injustice.
  • He knew the society was based on a great falsehood.
  • The scheme of necessity is based on a false psychology.
  • Their very code of ethics is based on self-sacrifice.
  • Never was graduating exercise based on broader foundations.
  • Speculation, most of it not based on clinical observation.
  • His conclusions must be based on sound principles.
  • According to him, creation is based on faith.
  • But surely true imagination is not based on confusion.

How To Use Based On In A Sentence?

  • It is plainly based on no facts in the industrial system.
  • The two principal are based on the velocity of light.
  • Reverence based on dread blights the soul and dwarfs it.
  • The legislation which ensued was based on two principles.
  • Now inductive science is based on unlimited statistics.

Definition of Based On

simple past tense and past participle of base on
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