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  • Grant slept in the basement and the maids and the footman were at the top of the house.
  • In one of the side rooms in the basement of the house was assembled a large company of children.
  • The house was a plain frame structure upon a stone basement and contained four rooms.
  • Two men got in at a basement window, and the constable was quite close at the time.
  • We found our way down by means of a rope ladder, and started our tunnel under the basement floor.
  • Down in the basement buying and selling bargains in marked-down summer frocks, women.
  • It was between eight and nine, and I retired to the basement to be out of the way.
  • A ring came at the front-door, and in a moment I heard the woman coming up the basement stairs.
  • It was in the basement of the hotel that the Fifth Avenue Bank first opened for business.
  • But I should have to lock Arthur Wilde in the basement whenever professors came to dinner.
  • An ancient caretaker occupied the basement with her niece, Aggie McGee, to help and be company.
  • During his last sickness there will be a timid knock at the basement door by those who have come to see how he is.
  • James Lenox had his office in the basement of his house at Fifth Avenue and Twelfth Street.
  • We went up from the basement cautiously, and it would have needed keen ears to have heard our movements.
  • He passed back through the basement quickly, eager to be out of the musty odors and his gloomy thoughts.
  • Iola had found a school-room in the basement of a colored church, where the doors were willingly opened to her.
  • The basement was divided into five rooms, to be used for night-schools and other agencies for the benefit of the poor.
  • Four of the basement arches at the extremities were the entrances for the great, while the remaining seventy-six were for the common people.
  • There had been basement dining-rooms, catsup bottles, and people passing everything to everybody else!
  • The dance hall occupied a big, low-ceiled basement room in a building which was a combination of saloon and tenement house.
  • Mrs. Greene gave him a room to work in down in the basement of her house and he set right about the job.
  • The "flockers" were located under the stairs, down in the basement of the mill, in a dark and dingy corner.
  • The raging water burst into the basement of the building, and ran off in a shoreless river toward the Potomac.
  • The monument represents a mourner reclining on the basement of a column that holds an urn, over which is the name of Talavera.
  • The stairs were before him, and Farland was about to start up them when a door leading to the basement was opened, and a janitor appeared.
  • I think it was one hundred and sixty little tots I saw in one room, and down in this basement there were about fifty more.
  • Other eyes can see nothing but broken walls, grass-grown corridors, and vaulted basement chambers, which suggest but little splendour.
  • With arms about each other, the two walked around the basement promenade at recess, while Emily stood afar off and felt aggrieved.
  • It was too much for Towsley, and with a shout of rapture he rushed to the basement entrance, out upon the street, into the very arms of his mates.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Basement | Basement Sentence

  • In the basement was the grill.
  • The heaters are in basement under these rooms.
  • The basement is half filled with old rubbish.
  • And the kitchen was in the basement and I never went down.
  • There is a fire in the church basement now, right under your feet.
  • She shrieked, and ejaculated, and backed almost down the basement stairs.
  • They all slept in a big basement under the Hospice building.
  • Now, Nelsy, beat it to the basement till we get through calling.
  • The hotel's afire and the flames are pouring out of the basement windows.
  • Yesterday and to-day he guessed he'd stayed in the basement most of the time.
  • In the basement of the building in which is the big Casino, "Mons.

Definition of Basement

A floor of a building below ground level. | (geology) A mass of igneous or metamorphic rock forming the foundation over which a platform of sedimentary rocks is laid. | (sports, informal) Last place in a sports conference standings.
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