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  • A few other household baskets are often found.
  • Flat baskets with lids protect the fruit from injury.
  • Slate slabs assist to keep baskets and fruit cool.
  • The cars looked like baskets full of roses.
  • There were no awnings, no carpets, no baskets of flowers.
  • It consists of three Pitakas, baskets or collections.
  • The other cats escaped from the baskets in which they were confined.
  • Flowers were arranged in low bowls and baskets on respective tables.
  • Cherries are usually sent to market in baskets which contain 24 lbs.
  • We have to walk so far the baskets feel real heavy before we get here.
  • Two minutes for each basket full would make thirty baskets full in an hour.
  • The dame's baskets were, however, still well supplied with fish.

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  • Their baskets and bed matts of this material were parti-coloured and very handsome.
  • They had some blind children, who were being taught to make baskets and brushes.
  • We have been fed on the hillside, and now there are twelve baskets full of fragments remaining.
  • A few moments later two young men came with baskets of sagamity and smoked meat.
  • She set forth the cans and baskets that formed the camp dinner-set and served the primitive meal.
  • Sometimes they go to see the Indians encamped on the shore, and buy baskets and bows and arrows.
  • Then she showed them how to cut off the little clusters of burs and soon they had their baskets full.
  • A special carriage was reserved for us and our servants filled it with luncheon baskets and gun cases.
  • More than one crew coming in half frozen were glad of the soup and coffee which were sent down to them in cans with baskets of bread.
  • Matches were hawked about for the convenience of the male portion of this extempore assembly, and fruit in baskets was on sale for the women.
  • The rest of my crowd had got their baskets filled, and paused with longing eyes regarding the heaps that still remained.
  • They are wanderers; they make baskets and mats, and are inveterate drinkers of spirits, spending all their earnings on it.
  • Black eyes, black hair, red kerchiefs on their heads, their baskets on the ground before their feet.
  • Faith was very tired when Kashaqua finally swung the baskets and bundles from her shoulders and declared that it was time to eat.
  • Two gardeners with large baskets were stooping over the strawberry beds, hard at work, picking the last of the strawberries.
  • It was also cool, with crocks of milk standing for cream, and basins of eggs and baskets of new-made cheese.
  • All Igorot have large scoop nets for catching them and immense bottle-like baskets in which to put them and transport them home.
  • A man knelt on the pavement near me, with two coarse baskets beside him, and the traces of long and dirty travel from his heels to his hips.
  • Dark-eyed women, with orange or crimson kerchiefs for headgear, cross and re-cross, bearing baskets on their shoulders.
  • Evelyn still held fast to her bouquet of red roses, and Maria was laden with baskets and bouquets which had been strewn at her shrine.
  • His shoulders are broad, even, and full muscled, and with seeming ease carry transportation baskets laden with 75 to 100 pounds.
  • The baskets and bundles were in the canoe, and Kashaqua, paddle in hand, stood waiting for her little companion.
  • He tossed one of Cesca's pitch baskets at Billy, then threw himself in the sand.
  • Yet another and perhaps the most popular method at present is the germination and growth of seedlings in baskets specially constructed for the purpose.
  • Then they climbed up into the delivery wagon and changed the things all around in the other baskets so that the orders were hopelessly mixed up, and nobody got what he had bought.
  • When it has had time to harden, the large clear globules are scraped off into baskets and the inferior kind that has run down the bark is collected separately.
  • There was scarcely water to cover them, but nevertheless they made rapid progress up the bank, on which our followers collected about two baskets of them.
  • Rosen had been given his conge, but that did not prevent him from sending fabulous baskets of flowers and gems, all of which were calmly returned without comment.

Definition of Baskets

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of basket | plural of basket

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