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  • Indians discovered that rope could be made out of the bast fibre of mulberry bark.
  • On the bast they saw the rings all drawn, seven hundred, which the warrior owned.
  • Palmstammen of boomen met den bast er nog aan, wiebelend onvast, verbinden de beide oevers.
  • We had tied them up with bast only a week or so before, and now half were rotten and half had shot up into tall slender growths.
  • A strong net-work, composed of twisted straw or bast incloses a thick rush mat, in which the body is wrapped.
  • They all had very neat bast mats, ornamented with black figures, on which they slept, and some had, likewise, bear skins.
  • He then began his strength to prove, bast to bind, make of it loads; then faggots carried home, the livelong day.
  • So little does he grasp the connection between cause and effect that he strives to break the bone of the leg before gnawing at the bast which is knotted close beside him.
  • Hoofdvoedsel bestaat uit boomzaden; maar in den winter haalt de eekhoren wel eens schors en bast van boomen af, en doet op deze wijze veel schade.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bast | Bast Sentence

  • Sekhet, or Bast of Bubastis, is better known.
  • Helen's gift of herself to Leonard Bast is absolutely true to life.

Definition of Bast

Fibre made from the phloem of certain plants and used for matting and cord.
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