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  • It was triangular, with a bastion at each angle.
  • It struck me that the bastion guns were rather crowded.
  • Through the darkness his dim eyes sought the opposite bastion of the serai.
  • Suddenly from the bastion of the Acropolis above wafted new music.
  • The north-eastern bastion was known as that of the Standard, or Pavillon.

How To Use Bastion In A Sentence?

  • In the Bastion du Mat there were no less than thirty-six mines loaded and tamped.
  • The situation of the chapel prompted us to look over the ground for traces of a lunette bastion on the counterscarp.
  • There were eight nine-pounders mounted on a bastion looking seaward, but useless against a land-attack.
  • It is just a natural bastion such as a titanic Vauban might have designed in primeval times.
  • His statue now stands on a lofty pillar, rising from a bastion which for a long time sustained the heaviest fire of the besiegers.
  • On their return, a royal salute was fired from a bastion of the old wall, and in the evening the town was illuminated.
  • There was a black, bulging ridge like a bastion upon the right side of the terrible khor up which the camels were winding.
  • John Penhallow felt the sudden uplift and quickened his pace until he paused within the bastion lines of the fort.
  • Encampments were on every side, clustering close under the walls, whence a cannon poked its nose protectingly from the bastion above the gate.
  • Over the top of a high, jagged cliff, set like a rampart between two bastion knolls, he saw the upper half of the gas bag.
  • The tiny cafe from which they were served was at the end of a group of nondescript buildings that had probably grown up on a ruined bastion of the chateau.
  • The sharp angle of the bastion on this face is so weak that men are now engaged in throwing up an extempore glacis to cover the base of the wall and the casemates from fire.
  • It has a huge bastion at each corner and displays, even in its dismantled condition, a most interesting combination of military and domestic architecture.
  • At last the English bastion was blown up; the Turks swarmed to the breach, and were beaten back with a loss of two thousand men.
  • Round the bastion of the tower, under the rich magnolia bloom, towards me glided through the rosy shadow the loveliest being that ever moved outside the gates of heaven.
  • This fort was defended by a fosse of immense depth, and by massy walls of an extraordinary thickness, flanked at each corner by a bastion well supplied with cannon.
  • The man on watch at the gate, before unharring, looked from the bastion over the stockades, to see who might be the three men who sought an entrance.
  • So saying, she carried me round the battlements towards the opposite or southern side of the fortress, and indeed to a bastion almost immediately overlooking the place of our projected flight.

Definition of Bastion

A projecting part of a rampart or other fortification. | A well-fortified position; a stronghold or citadel. | (figuratively) A person, group, or thing, that strongly defends some principle.
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