Bat In A Sentence

Definition of Bat

(transitive) To flutter: bat one's eyelashes. | (US, Britain, dialectal) To wink. | (Britain, dialectal, obsolete) To bate or flutter, as a hawk.

How To Use Bat In A Sentence?

  • If he throws it within the distance measured by the bat from the measuring spot the batter is out.
  • If you know one end of a bat from the other, you could get into some sort of a team.
  • So also the flying organ or wing of a bat is analogous to the flying organ or wing of a beetle.
  • Mr. Bat was passing by and he saw them huddled together between the rails of a fence.
  • It looked as if Harrow would have to bat upon a treacherous wicket, and Eton on a sound one.
  • A new subspecies of bat (Myotis velifer) from southeastern California and Arizona.
  • Desmond strained every nerve, but his bat had not reached the crease when the bails flew to right and left.
  • To have come within the circle of the flying bat would have insured him a broken head, and he paused a moment.
  • A bat was sounding the departure of the hours of darkness with a singular note resembling the gurgling of liquid from a narrow bottle-neck.
  • Merriwell took his place at the bat, having selected a bat that was a trifle over regulation length, if anything.
  • A bacon bat is especially fun in spring or fall, but is also very enjoyable on the beach in summer vacation time.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bat | Bat Sentence

  • I suppose you can fix me up with a bat and pads?
  • The thought of the bat suggested an idea.
  • A hideous bat flapped into my face!
  • He was a good bat of the old plodding type.
  • His bat is under his arm; he is drawing on his gloves.
  • C├Žsar came up in his pads, carrying his bat and gloves.
  • Haus und bat ihn, zu warten.
  • A new bat (Myotis) from Mexico.
  • The Bat Wing bunk-house was hardly a cheery lounging place.
  • On my way to attend to my horse, Bat Perkins overtook me.
  • But I want to go back past the Bat Wing.
  • Er bat den Fremden, ihm doch nochmals die Zeit zu nehmen.
  • A new bat (Genus Leptonycteris) from Coahuila.
  • A new bat (Genus Myotis) from Mexico.
  • A new bat (Genus Pipistrellus) from northeastern Mexico.
  • Every red-eyed bat of 'em.
  • Or, when a batsman interposed a pad where a bat ought to have been.
  • But Gusterson settled down to his typewriter and began to bat away.
  • It shot under Scaife's bat and spread-eagled his stumps.
  • They'd work by electricity, or at a pinch cats could bat 'em around.
  • It was likely to get worse during the day, so Adair had chosen to bat first.
  • And aye bat new hat he skall be glad to see Neils Halvorsen.
  • Then suddenly the two Hillmen shuddered, although King did not bat an eyelid.
  • A little later Bat spread a bed for me on the kitchen floor, and I turned in.
  • When Bat Wing Bowles got up out of the dirt he was shaken in body and spirit.
  • When Bowles rode back to the Bat Wing Ranch he was a hard-looking citizen.
  • Next to Dunbar, Wa-ha-lote was the champion scrapper of the Bat Wing.
  • I knocked him down, and before you could bat your eye everybody was fightin'.
  • Rhoda clutched John's arm with a little scream as a bat whirred close by them.

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