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  • His forehead was bathed with sweat.
  • Tenderly she bathed his bruised face.
  • My whole soul was bathed in unutterable tenderness.
  • She bathed her burning temples, but found no relief.
  • The blood bathed Kibei from head to foot.
  • Old Meg brought a basin of water and bathed her face.
  • Perhaps you bathed in the ocean and got your mouth full of water.
  • He covered her face with kisses, while his own was bathed in tears.
  • We bathed his head and rubbed his temples till he opened his eyes.
  • Also the whole band of three bathed in the sea on the coldest of winter days.
  • There she remained inconsolable, her lovely face often bathed in tears.
  • And, bathed in moonlight, she raised her face and her glowing lips toward him.
  • He bathed his face in cold water; it refreshed, without invigorating him.
  • After supper Bran was bathed before the bedroom fire and put to bed.

How To Use Bathed In A Sentence?

  • His keen mind and straining energies were bathed in the wonderful fount of love.
  • The flame of a revolver bathed the whole room in reddish-yellow for an instant.
  • The vast plain lay spread before me bathed in a light almost equal to that of day.
  • She was bathed in a cold perspiration, and clutched wildly at the coverlet with both hands.
  • These air tubes are everywhere bathed by the blood, by which the latter becomes oxygenated.
  • In the muscles the thin-walled blood-vessels are surrounded and bathed by a liquid called lymph.
  • As they put out to sea again, the emperor gazed long after them, his eyes bathed in tears.
  • I bathed in the cove, overhung with maples and walnuts, the water cool and thrilling.
  • The woman uttered no sound, but she trembled like a hunted animal, and was bathed in sweat.
  • There lay the hills, rising range after range before him, bathed in the sunshine of early noon.
  • The open rose is not perfectly pure; bees have bathed in its chalice, insects have slept in it.
  • Thereafter fared he to the Jordan and bathed himself therein, as is the way with other pilgrims.
  • She bathed in it, swam in it, sailed on it, and she was never quite happy away from it.
  • When the King bathed his face with it, he fell into a sleep from which he never awoke.
  • I bathed in the stream in this old, secluded spot, which I frequent for that purpose.
  • Molly bathed the burning face and hands in the pure cold water, muttering tender Apache phrases.
  • He and his wife bathed my head and eyes, and then assisted me to the bed from which they had just risen.
  • Her first step had been to have the patient bathed and combed and made presentable for the occupancy of the guest-chamber.
  • The mountain peaks glistened in the full gold of the sunset and the lower ridges were bathed in a rosy blue.
  • From the roof of this cell dripped some fine stalactites; and through the circular entrance they had a view of the dell bathed in sunshine.
  • Maria's pretty little face was still tear-stained, although she had bathed it with cold water.
  • His mind was clear enough for that, and as he hastily bathed his face, the cold water refreshed him and he felt more himself.
  • He kept himself cool and refreshed with his endless supply; he poured it upon his head, he bathed his lips and drank.
  • Tommy was still sleeping, so she dipped her hands into the cold water, took off her stiffened shoes and bathed her swollen feet.
  • The predicament was awkward for a man bathed in sweat, tired, and perplexed, and in a position where his life was at stake on even chances.
  • I bathed in a pool of the stream that was out of sight, and where its brawling waters were deep enough to cover me, when I lay at length.

Definition of Bathed

simple past tense and past participle of bath
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