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  • We had no bathtub until I was about eight years old.

How To Use Bathtub In A Sentence?

  • He was grateful for financial independence, but the idea of taking up the bathtub business struck him with dismay.
  • I can remember once when we were about five years old she had spasms because our nurse left us alone in the bathtub when the water was running in.
  • Directly before you is a queer, somewhat battered thing of dark stone, looking more like a bathtub than anything else.
  • In one way and another, the settlers managed to develop a million square miles of frontier dirt without a bathtub on it.
  • To this room, in a few minutes, was brought a portable tin bathtub filled with water, which was placed on a piece of oiled cloth upon the floor.
  • Of course, being unused to this particular way of killing the cat, you feel rather foolish and queer to be taking a bath in a community bathtub instead of in your own.

Definition of Bathtub

A large container for holding water in which a person may bathe (take a bath).
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