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  • Merriwell had his turn with the first batter up.
  • Now pour the batter on; delicious!
  • Beat to a smooth batter in a wide-mouthed pitcher.
  • She sought again to strike, to batter his lips.
  • This amount of batter will make hotcakes for four persons.
  • The next batter got four balls, and a score was forced in.
  • With one man out and a man on first, a weak batter came up.
  • The batter nailed it for two bags, and two men came home.
  • Reserve about one cupful of the yeast batter to start the next batter.
  • It rose in arms to batter down his will, and in a weaker man had triumphed.
  • The next batter to come up was nervous, as could be seen at a glance.
  • They don't have any artillery, so they can't batter down the door.
  • Widow Adamecz quietly poured some more of the batter into the frying-pan.
  • In un batter d'occhio si dispersero tutti come uno sciame d'uccelli.
  • The next batter flied out to shortstop, and Griswold remained on second.
  • Let us be merciful, therefore, and think twice before we batter down Chiavari.
  • Meantime Mackensen and Gallwitz batter their way across the Serbian ranges.

How To Use Batter In A Sentence?

  • If he throws it within the distance measured by the bat from the measuring spot the batter is out.
  • When smoking hot pour in just sufficient batter to cover the bottom of the pan.
  • The batter strikes this tapered end so that it will fly up, and then bats it as in baseball.
  • It was an inshoot, and the batter afterward declared it grazed his knuckles as it passed.
  • Coulter continued to pitch, and the next batter got first on an error by the shortstop.
  • Then he signaled the batter to take one, his signal being obeyed, and it proved to be a ball.
  • Make a thin batter of corn-meal and milk, add a little melted butter, and a little salt.
  • The next Harvard batter came up, determined to do something, although he was a trifle uncertain.
  • The next batter fouled out, however, and the next one sent a red-hot liner directly at Merriwell.
  • And Ile allow of all, bee it nere so bad, Excepting guns to batter downe our houses.
  • The secret of this was that in making a plain cake the batter had been colored with pink sugar and sprinkled with raisins.
  • That fixed it so the next batter could not sacrifice with the object of letting the man on third home.
  • The batter was poured on in large platter-sized cakes and then as quickly as they browned they were dexteriously turned to brown again.
  • At the same time he signaled the batter to make a swing to bother the catcher, but not to touch the ball.
  • It was not a straight one, but it was a very slow drop, as the batter discovered after he had commenced to swing.
  • Then soon after all our ships began to batter the walls of the fortified town, and they got as near as possible in order to do this.
  • It seemed as if they would batter his roof in, and they came so thick that the stable and corral could be seen only indistinctly.
  • The very first batter up, got first on an error by the second baseman who let an easy one go through him.
  • He got under it all right, for instead of being a drop it was a rise, and the batter struck at least eighteen inches below it.
  • One man got a hit, stole second, and went to third on an error that allowed the batter to reach first.
  • He struck the next man out, and the batter to follow hit a weak one to third, who stopped the runner at second.
  • Cut it into inch lengths and boil until tender in slightly salted water, dip the pieces in fritter batter and fry in smoking hot fat.
  • The sacrifice was tried, and it worked, for the man on second got third, although the batter was thrown out at first.

Definition of Batter

(architecture) To slope (of walls, buildings etc.). | (baseball) The player attempting to hit the ball with a bat. | (cricket, rare) The player attempting to hit the ball with a bat; a batsman.
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