Battlefield In A Sentence

Definition of Battlefield

The area where a land battle is or was fought, which is not necessarily a field.

How To Use Battlefield In A Sentence?

  • The memory of his desolation on the battlefield came over him with resistless force.
  • Such postcards are as much out of place on the battlefield as a clown is at a funeral.
  • And about him hung the glamour of countless conquests on the battlefield and in love.
  • Her variability was now visible over a corner of the battlefield like a thunder-cloud.
  • We spent two days there clearing up the battlefield and reorganising the companies.
  • Transference, then, becomes the battlefield on which all the contending forces are to meet.
  • The battlefield was theirs, to begin with; it must be taken from them or remain theirs forever.
  • The battlefield was thickly covered with unexploded shells, hand-grenades, and bombs.
  • Washington, for instance, must have had just such a look on the battlefield of Trenton.
  • The dead and wounded Austro-Hungarians left on the battlefield exceeded 60,000.
  • Amid the stern realities of the bivouac and the battlefield his swagger and his affectations will vanish.
  • The battlefield need not necessarily have coincided with the most important fortresses of the enemy.
  • Here there is almost as brilliant an illumination as when some great victory has been won either on the battlefield or at the polls.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Battlefield | Battlefield Sentence

  • All turned their eyes to the battlefield once more.
  • We are met on a great battlefield of that war.
  • We are met on a great battlefield of that war.
  • We are met on a great battlefield of that war.
  • We are met on a great battlefield of that war.
  • Still, she was out of the battlefield row.
  • A modern battlefield is the abomination of abominations.
  • It was like some battlefield of giants of old time.
  • From across the battlefield came the faint sound of a bell.
  • As serene on the battlefield . . .
  • This time I am on the battlefield itself.
  • I have just been shooting over the battlefield of Jena.
  • Topping day yesterday on the battlefield of Fricourt.
  • And yet, if it were a Boche, on the battlefield .
  • The Battlefield Treasure.
  • I found Him out on the battlefield and He is great!
  • This has been the battlefield of the nations through long centuries.
  • The experiences and the hardships of the battlefield are lacking.
  • School is your battlefield at present, and the temper is the enemy.
  • Alford was his soldier ideal, type of the best the battlefield may know.
  • The sun had set, and with its decline the battlefield grew peculiarly still.
  • Then they direct their course to the battlefield called Vigrid.
  • He pictures a summer evening on the old battlefield of Blenheim.
  • Such a battlefield was no place for a guy named Steve Cornell.
  • On the battlefield of Wagram a shell shattered the only record of Mme.
  • Here, indeed, was a fine battlefield and theatre for the Holy War.
  • Stories from the Battlefield 58 VIII.

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