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  • Owls on the battlements answer me.
  • Once more the lookouts on the battlements cheered.
  • With the firm battlements of special action.
  • It was reflected from battlements of fairy beauty.
  • The towers are topped with large battlements and pinnacles.
  • Because castle battlements are not usually snow-white.
  • To see them swarm their battlements ere night.
  • Two sentinels paced the very battlements overlooking this court.
  • The buttresses rise some way above the battlements of the aisles.
  • The aisle buttresses end some little way below the battlements of the aisle.
  • Between outer wall and inner battlements galloped squadrons of mounted men.
  • The broker held firm, assisted by the battlements of the church.
  • Out from the battlements poured a storm of arrows, a cloud of javelins.
  • The walls and battlements or some good Fate had protected them.
  • The great stone courts, balconies, and battlements were quite deserted.
  • Around a corner of the broken battlements raced the serpent Shape.
  • Hugh and Dick kneeling side by side behind the battlements of the gateway.
  • I stood upon the battlements of my palace at Herodium and saw the sun go down.
  • The walls and battlements of St. Loup were strong and well defended.

How To Use Battlements In A Sentence?

  • He then asked that the heads should be removed from the battlements and given decent burial.
  • They were strengthened by buttresses and crowned by battlements painted in brilliant colors.
  • He could not have made his collections or built his battlements in a mood of indifference.
  • Plumes of palms and faintly-seen ridges of snowy hills appear over the battlements of the roof.
  • By evening, too, the battlements of the castle had been raised on all four sides.
  • Ruins and blasted towers, battlements and cement grottoes, were still the fashion.
  • I hoped the lion would not go that way, for it led to great broken battlements of rim.
  • The towers were all standing in those days, the battlements intact; at every gate stood a guard.
  • Very far away, one huge fellow raised phantom battlements from the ghostly waters of a mirage.
  • Helen appears on the battlements of Troy, watching the conflict, accompanied only by her maidens.
  • At the moment he was thinking of some fair-faced chatelaine roaming under the battlements of a donjon.
  • These battlements are pierced with cusped circles, below them is a cornice ornamented with foliage.
  • Wood had also been used for the repair of the battlements on the gable of the porch under the centre arch of the west front.
  • They had caught sight of the lord of the village leaning on the battlements of his tower, watching the massacre.
  • It did not seem possible that at last she was going to enter the big school building with towers and battlements enough for a fortress.
  • How then, if being lame thou canst not mount up on the battlements alone, but with the help of another it is possible?
  • As there was no staircase from his room to the roof, he determined to mount to the battlements by means of a water-pipe adjacent to his window.
  • On both sides of the gate, and on the broad front wall, are pyramidical battlements with tapering ends.
  • They were drawn up in battle array upon the north side of the river, spoke those who had gone to the battlements to look.
  • But if a suitor cannot answer my question I cut off his head and hang it on the battlements of the citadel.
  • He pointed out the dim loveliness of the city below, towers and battlements and the airy span of a bridge against the gray-gold sky.

Definition of Battlements

plural of battlement
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