Baxter in a sentence

Definition of Baxter

(obsolete, Britain, Scotland) A baker; originally, a female baker.

How to use Baxter in a Sentence?

  • I lived in a state of perpetual reverence toward Baxter.
  • When Baxter saw me, he looked frightened.
  • And Baxter went out, closing the door behind him.
  • As Baxter had said, things were quiet that night.
  • This, and in this place, is unworthy of Baxter.

Short Example Sentence for Baxter

  • Baxter was a good walker.
  • Baxter was a silly ass.
  • Baxter, you are the limit.
  • Baxter never declined anything.
  • Baxter waxed as eloquent as an angel ...
  • Baxter was puffing heavily, for it had been a hard climb.
  • Observe the inconsistency of Baxter.
  • What then does Baxter quarrel about?
  • Daniel Baxter has 12.
  • Daniel Baxter has 18.
  • But Baxter did not know.
  • Ritter and Baxter were conspicuous by their absence.
  • Dan Baxter came behind.
  • Mrs. Baxter was not caught.
  • Cheyenne Baxter took up the inquisition.
  • Miss Baxter was called to the telephone.
  • The Baxter kitchen rose before her.
  • For some reason Baxter had lied.
  • Pony Baxter had plenty of nerve.
  • Captain Baxter was apparently asleep.
  • Penton Baxter shared honours with the shoemaker.
  • Then he recovered and stared boldly at Baxter.
  • Baxter here forgets his own mystical regenerated Church.
  • And Baxter smiled his professional smile.
  • Folks hereabouts have had enough of the Baxter breed.
  • Miss Baxter was busy correcting papers.
  • Miss Baxter smiled coldly but triumphantly.
  • Richard Baxter lived here for a short time.
  • Fourthly, great joy of Baxter.
  • Dan Baxter felt particularly downcast and desperate.
  • Mr. Baxter denied it upon the same reasons.
  • Penton Baxter will win his divorce sooner or later.
  • Mr. Baxter comes to-morrow.
  • I carried an obscure sense of triumph over Baxter.
  • Baxter, Richard, 301.