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  • I bayed them for an hour.
  • Dogs bayed and dashed in pursuit of the stags.
  • Again the dogs went in and bayed the brute.
  • The hounds bayed our approach to camp.
  • Sleepy dogs bayed far away.
  • Jude and Sounder bayed off to his left.
  • Sampson bayed like thunder and raced after Jim.
  • Old Dan and Old Tom bayed like distant thunder.
  • It bayed of stinking sunless pools and gurgled of black ooze.
  • When we stopped for breath the echoes bayed at us from the opposite walls.
  • A hundred feet farther down the hound bayed under a tall pinon.
  • The negroes guffawed in delight, the hounds bayed again till the hills echoed.
  • Pierre, with forepaws stemmed against the prow, bayed musical farewell.
  • An' we were workin' down when the pack bayed the bear round thet bare point.
  • The batteries unlimbered and bayed again, and again the Boer guns were silent.
  • From the way the hounds bayed I knew they had struck a hot scent.
  • The mighty hounds that guarded Gymer's dwelling came and bayed around him.

How To Use Bayed In A Sentence?

  • The dogs had sent whatever creature it was up into one of the fir-trees and bayed fiercely round.
  • The town was no more than one long street, which bayed out at the farther end into a market-place.
  • A deep-voiced dog bayed loudly, and a shrill yelp cut in and clamored for recognition.
  • These ruins occur on the flat, next the cliff, which is seldom bayed and overhangs but slightly.
  • He bayed a little, but with an expression of admiring wonder that gave Sally her best tribute.
  • Therewithal came King Mark, and the dog set upon him and bayed at all the barons.
  • He looked up at old Mother Moon and bayed and bayed, but old Mother Moon did not help him a bit.
  • The dogs squatted on their haunches at a safe distance and bayed lugubriously at me and the moon in common.
  • And as he bayed from side to side on the warrior circle, they all retreated backward till the wall stopped them.
  • The country people gathered in fright at the cottage doors, and the farm-dogs bayed dismally at the unwonted scene.
  • Wolf, however, followed him, and at this moment my other dogs came up, having heard the shot, and bayed him fiercely.
  • Once one of the hounds of Helheim broke loose and bayed upon Sleipner's tracks.
  • On the 2d November, they had killed a bear, which had been bayed and surrounded by their Esquimaux dogs.
  • The savage way in which he bayed the sheriff, however, and tried to get at him as Liz held him in leash, was really surprising.
  • Brave, noble Don, with infinitely more sense and courage than I possessed, faced the lion and bayed him in his teeth.
  • On the banks the hounds stopped and bayed their disappointment, for they did not dare follow Lightfoot out into the Big River.
  • She had a premonition that she was to die in the winter, alone, at night, while creaking wagons passed the gate and stiff-jointed dogs bayed the frozen moon.

Definition of Bayed

Having a bay or bays. | simple past tense and past participle of bay
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