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  • I heard those hounds baying behind me.
  • The baying of the dogs was now deep down in the basin.
  • It was then that the sound of that baying became terrible.
  • It was the baying of hounds following a trail.
  • Soon we heard the hounds baying on all sides.
  • The baying of the hounds again grew louder and louder.
  • Sounds like the baying of boar-hounds alarmed him.
  • The baying shortly died away in the distance.
  • Where's the use of baying at the moon?
  • It was a perfect imitation of a dog baying the moon in agony.
  • Now he was running as the wild hare runs before the baying chase.
  • The tongues of the pursuers were hanging out; the baying of them was horrible.
  • They were coming up the last stretch of the coulee, baying loudly.
  • At that instant another posse rode up, with a baying of hounds to herald it.
  • Jim and Jo now heard the voices of men as well as the baying of the dogs.

How To Use Baying In A Sentence?

  • I should like to hear the baying of the hounds and the mellow horns of the huntsman.
  • Penny thought he looked like an old fox who had picked up the distant baying of the pack.
  • A clanging bell had to be pulled, and was echoed by a musical baying of many dogs.
  • He swung about and showed his yellow fangs like a mobbed wolf at the pack baying at his heels.
  • Suddenly there was heard a deep baying sound, which struck terror into every heart.
  • For a little while it seemed all up with us, as the sound of the baying came closer and closer.
  • Crashing down through the underbrush came two enormous bloodhounds, baying like mad things.
  • All the spotted dogs were in the house, baying and barking, and everybody was yelling.
  • I felt sure that such was the case, and I also heard the deep baying of a hound.
  • He ran toward her calling "Mother!" but the baying of the hound drowned his voice.
  • Many times he had listened to the baying of Bowser the Hound, as he followed Reddy Fox.
  • Only the dutiful crowing of backyard roosters and the occasional baying of a hound broke the stillness.
  • Stephen went along so much preoccupied that only the baying of his hound made him notice the light fox-prints by the roadside.
  • I do not hear their barking in the early part of the night, but long before morning their half-muffled baying begins.
  • They went with him to where his dogs, great and small, were loudly baying at the root of a small persimmon tree.
  • And as well for those who love to angle in brown lakes or rushing brooks or chase after the baying hounds or stalk the stag on his lonely heights.
  • Once we heard the baying of a hound, at which all four setters came suddenly to life from beneath the robes and barked vindictive response.
  • At night, the distant baying of a hound stops the fox in his course, because all the dangers he has undergone are represented in his mind.
  • A clamor of shouting and baying broke out; and floundering men and swimming dogs went down the stream together in a confused mass.
  • Then a black cloud settles down upon the highest of the two rocks, and those who see it can distinctly hear the wild baying of a dog.
  • He was roused by the furious barking of his two dogs, who had charged into the gloom, and were apparently baying at something in a tree close by.
  • He heard the merry splashings of moonlight bathers, the hound-like baying of the bull frogs, far away in the rushes.
  • A faint baying sound, followed by what sounded like revolver shots, several in succession, was heard.
  • We climbed and rode to the high point, and coming out upon the summit of the mountain we all heard the deep, hoarse baying of the pack.
  • There is the winding of a long horn waxing louder and louder, the baying of hounds, the rattle of hoofs and paws on the pine tree tops.

Definition of Baying

present participle of bay | Action of the verb to bay; howling. | An instance of baying; a howl.
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