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  • I should not have come to the bazaar but for you.
  • Straight to the bazaar he went.
  • Have you never heard of a bazaar before?
  • The bazaar will do her no end of good.
  • Some modern bazaar trash!
  • The shopkeepers of the bazaar were greatly surprised.
  • Even as it was the bazaar only lost twenty dollars.
  • The bazaar is certainly not much to look at.
  • The child nearly herself and the bazaar at its height.
  • On the whole, the bazaar is disappointing.
  • This bazaar was to clinch her position as a country lady.
  • The idea of the bazaar seemed to please all of us.
  • Rick had gone over the events at the bazaar a dozen times.
  • A bazaar for the Belgians?
  • Meanwhile, outside in the grounds, the bazaar went on.
  • How could I face the Bazaar profiteer?
  • The children did not leave the Grammar Bazaar empty-handed.
  • But Tabbies are Tabbies, and a bazaar is a bazaar.
  • It can be easily manufactured or bought in a bazaar for a few annas.
  • There were vegetables in that bazaar and sticks of wild rhubarb.
  • Gnawed through it, he did, and came down to the bazaar below.
  • So they went to the bazaar to buy food for the hiras and manis.
  • The feeling increases when one leaves the bazaar for the streets adjoining it.
  • We got five pounds thirteen and fivepence by the bazaar and the raffle.
  • The people of the bazaar obviously were curious, but not involved.
  • But we explained it was not for long, as the bazaar was in three days.
  • The bazaar is, notwithstanding, extensive and well supplied.
  • Drunkenly I was casting my gold about the bazaar when we met.
  • Not far from this bazaar is the great mosque of the Mohammedans.
  • An hour later the bazaar is untenanted, save for the watchmen and pariah dogs.
  • But at least the Bazaar might take back the tea-cosies and pen-wipers.
  • The Teheran bazaar is, at first sight, commonplace and uninteresting.
  • To Alcibiades the bazaar was as much a festival as to any Tabby of them all.

How To Use Bazaar In A Sentence?

  • Shopping in the camp bazaar was the ladylike way in which we often spent our mornings.
  • I went up the steps to the bazaar and took hold of one and began to examine it.
  • It was printed and sold for the benefit of that league, at the great bazaar of 1845.
  • In pre-war days it was occasionally hinted that bazaar prices were a trifle high.
  • The native bazaar laid hold of it, and agitated it day and night until my departure.
  • She went to the last evening of the bazaar clad in a floating blue gown that matched her eyes.
  • It was a very grand party, and they admired the bazaar very much, and all bought things.

Definition of Bazaar

A marketplace, particularly in the Middle East and South Asia, and often covered with shops and stalls. | A shop selling articles that are either exotic or eclectic. | A fair or temporary market, often for charity.

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