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  • Most of that has to be accepted.
  • Shall the invitation be accepted?
  • Science must be accepted.
  • Of course it cannot be accepted.
  • The inevitable must be accepted.
  • The fact must be accepted.
  • But the wager would not be accepted of.
  • So much may be accepted.
  • Such a condition as that will never be accepted.
  • That ought to be accepted as an axiom.
  • His vile offer was to be accepted.
  • Invitations prompted by selfishness are not to be accepted.
  • His word would be accepted.
  • Of course the offer was to be accepted!
  • Neither pain nor pleasure can be accepted as a guide.
  • These realities must be accepted by faith.
  • He prayed therefore to be accepted among them.
  • That the peace movement should be accepted by both sides.
  • The natural disposition should be accepted as a fact.
  • She spoke as if it were a task to be accepted gratefully.
  • No pleasure that is denied you shall be accepted by me.
  • The statement of export values may be accepted.
  • No registrations would be accepted after a certain hour.
  • These testimonies here recorded must be accepted as true.
  • Every one of those four stories would be accepted.
  • Islam should be accepted, be they men or women.
  • But this claim must be accepted with many reservations.
  • Will they be accepted, if supplied by my stratagems?
  • A theological creed has to be accepted with the eyes shut.
  • These, by courtesy, had to be accepted.
  • Undoubtedly, it would be accepted, they said!
  • Ordinary invitations, however, are not to be accepted.
  • That, in a way, may be accepted as the truth.
  • They will not be accepted by Romulus and Remus.
  • Certainly I do not ask to be accepted as Ilam Carve.
  • Marks as substitutes for signatures of witnesses cannot be accepted.
  • It can be accepted only by ignorance and avowed only by hypocrisy.
  • It must be accepted now that he didn't care.
  • The new spirit is not going to be accepted at once by society.

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  • But are these exactly the tastes and appetites that should be accepted as arbiters?
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