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  • For they will be developed somehow.
  • It only requires to be developed.
  • Ottrelite) are just commencing to be developed.
  • Their strength and numbers must be developed.
  • How may individuality be developed through poetry?
  • How did such an extraordinary organ come to be developed?
  • The sense of unity must be developed.
  • This is too large a subject to be developed properly here.
  • How far can this idea be developed in the country school?
  • Technique and tone-production must be developed together.
  • Only the motor centers of lower rank could be developed.
  • The commercial use of coal gas has yet to be developed.
  • Such a bright mind must be developed as early as possible.
  • How a Good Voice may be Developed.
  • Can the philosophy of compromise be developed to that extent?
  • Should individuality in playing be developed at an early age?
  • New standards of efficiency and new amenities can be developed.
  • Sometimes this flavor may be developed in the cream previous to churning.
  • A chemical system of morals might be developed on this basis.
  • We must be willing to wait for each to be developed in its own appointed time.
  • The farm home too has latent capacities that are yet to be developed.
  • For the old galley tactics a new system now had to be developed.
  • Push them on in their mad career, that their plans may be developed.
  • Like germs these organs lie dormant in the soul and must be developed.
  • If we may accept this as a basis, we can see how the idea can be developed.
  • The stronger and harder the skin, the better will a crisis be developed.
  • Humanity was to be developed as well as the Deity to be worshipped.

How To Use Be Developed In A Sentence?

  • You are sending some kodak films to be developed by a professional photographer.
  • Their unfulfilled possibilities remain to be developed by intelligent treatment.
  • All must be mastered for use at will if light and shade are to be developed in the voice.
  • And man has been set in the family relation that this sentiment might be developed.
  • And this enterprising spirit begins to be developed at a very early age in children.
  • Thus may be developed an appreciation of the human qualities that are really admirable.
  • The animal functions of the human system are to be developed and strengthened by education.
  • Magnetism or magnetic lines of force may be developed without the presence of iron.
  • It is always dangerous to a race of people to be developed along certain lines only.
  • But the railroad or the steamboat very often determines where a new business shall be developed.
  • Character is to wear forever; who will wonder or grudge that it cannot be developed in a day?
  • Do they show us finer characters of form than can be developed by the broader daylight?
  • This would indeed be highly probable for reasons to be developed in the next paragraph.

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