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  • Honey should be handled carefully.
  • The dough should be as soft as can be handled.
  • Unlawful radicalism can be handled by the police.
  • Both could not be handled together.
  • It was far too hot to be handled carelessly.
  • Honey should be handled with just as much care as glass.
  • It was not a situation to be handled by clumsy fools.
  • The boats had to be handled with extra caution.
  • This stuff cannot be handled without pollution.
  • It is not yet possessed, it cannot be handled.
  • How should milk be handled when bottled milk is purchased?
  • These things must be handled in detail, if at all.
  • The matter would probably be handled differently to-day.
  • The steel industry is national in scope and should be handled as such.
  • How should milk and cream be handled when they are purchased in bulk?
  • They can be handled with ease and with absolutely no fear of breaking.
  • The glass should all be handled as if it were old filigree silver.
  • This is a deadly poison, and should be handled only by an expert.
  • Some could be handled with a convenient disguising of the real intention.
  • It had been put in small sacks so that it could be handled easily.
  • How should milk be handled in the home when obtained fresh from the cows?
  • These things are too wonderful to be handled after the manner of kitchen-maids.
  • Soft feathers may be handled more carelessly than the stiffer sorts.
  • That's the way they gotta be handled.
  • This thing is so big that it must be handled with firmness and decision.
  • These old lands must be handled skilfully if they are to produce profitably.
  • The sticks had to be handled at the foot of the lake, anyway.
  • A canvas canoe must be handled very carefully when among the rocks.
  • The firing was pretty hot now, and the wounded were too many to be handled.
  • Still, if found soon after their descent, they are too hot to be handled.

How To Use Be Handled In A Sentence?

  • The repeater was a very delicate instrument and had to be handled by a skilled operator.
  • Both the vertical and horizontal shoulders can be handled easily by this method.
  • What is this peculiar way in which the voice must be handled during the practice of singing?
  • You must convince us that this is the only way in which you will permit the text to be handled.
  • The interval was quite too long for the phantom to be handled in any commercial way.
  • They should be handled very gently and spoken to in a very quiet and tender tone of voice.
  • The same matters may be handled to the advantage or positive disadvantage of the cross-examiner.
  • There is one certain way in which the voice must be handled during the practice of singing.
  • Other troubles and developments could be handled as they arose, should any such arise.
  • One great objection to the use of bromide paper is that it must be handled in a dark-room.
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