Be It In A Sentence

How To Use Be It In A Sentence?

  • Well; one anna be it.
  • And whatever it is or will be, it belongs to you.
  • However, if it must be it must.
  • Be it done according to thy word.
  • For be it noted that the mandarin is never consistent.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Be It | Be It Sentence

  • Be it not so with me!
  • So be it with us too.
  • That could not be it.
  • Be it further enacted.
  • Be it ours to initiate you.
  • But it cannot be, it is not to be.
  • Be it light with him when it is darkness with me!
  • But far be it from me to judge him.
  • Yet it may be it is all for the best.
  • To their honour be it recorded!
  • Be it recorded that she smiled.
  • If that had happened you would have had to be it.
  • But it cannot be, it cannot be!
  • Far from me be it to make distinction between them.
  • Whether or not it should be, it is.
  • You will be divorced; so be it.
  • Be it converted and follow thee.
  • And be it further enacted ...
  • Far be it from me to say anything of the kind.
  • Certainly, that must be it.
  • Be it ever so humble and all that you know.
  • On the peril of my twenty pieces be it.
  • Yes, that must be it.
  • Be it unto you according to your faith.
  • Yes, that must be it.
  • If it is to be, it must be.
  • But that might not be, it was impossible.
  • Be it well with you, my brethren!
  • If every hand was to be against his, so be it.
  • So be it; she should taste his cruelty.
  • It must be, it must be!
  • Be it as it might, the game was up.
  • Upon my head be it, your highness.
  • So be it done to everyone who despises the law!
  • What the result is to be it remains for time to decide.
Sentence Structure is important because it provide us with the framework for the clear written expression of our ideas.The aim in writing is always to write in complete sentences which are correctly punctuated. Sentences always begin with a capital letter and end in either a full stop, exclamation or question mark. A complete sentence always contains a verb, expresses a complete idea and makes sense standing alone. On this page we are showing correct ways to write:

Be It in a sentence

Be It sentence

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