Be Like In A Sentence

How To Use Be Like In A Sentence?

  • For not be like a mendigo a beggar.
  • Do not be like bad spirits.
  • I know this must be like the other.
  • What would it be like to die?
  • She wanted to be like other people.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Be Like | Be Like Sentence

  • How can you be like that?
  • Study to be like her.
  • What will he be like?
  • Love has to be like that.
  • Must it be like this?
  • What will it be like?
  • Will it be like that?
  • Do not be like one of them.
  • He had not meant it to be like this at all.
  • I do not want you to be like me.
  • What would it be like?
  • What shall we be like then?
  • And she wanted to be like them.
  • She had not made him over to be like her.
  • I used to be like that too.
  • May our end be like hers!
  • Imagine what that would be like.
  • It was very foolish of her to be like this.
  • That is what 1921 will be like.
  • I wonder what he can be like?
  • Was it always to be like this?
  • It will always be like that.
  • It was cruel to be like that.
  • That we may be like you.
  • I should never be like that.
  • It will be like this at my wedding.
  • By and by it will always be like this.
  • Eveley will be like all the rest.
  • Why should he not be like a gentleman?
  • She had not thought it would be like this.
  • Why should not his house be like my house?
  • It would be like a play.
  • It will be like caviar to the appetite.
  • No happiness would be like ours.
  • Most heroines seemed to be like that.

Definition of Be Like

To be similar to something. | (informal, chiefly US and MLE) To say
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