Be Satisfied In A Sentence

How To Use Be Satisfied In A Sentence?

  • But there was a touch of pride to be satisfied first.
  • The boys appeared to be satisfied with this arrangement.
  • You must be satisfied with a faithful report of it.
  • The boys seemed to be satisfied with this explanation.
  • I shall be satisfied with four hundred.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Be Satisfied | Be Satisfied Sentence

  • They had to be satisfied with that.
  • I should be satisfied with their bill.
  • She was not to be satisfied so readily.
  • But will they be satisfied with a look only?
  • I ought to be satisfied.
  • I do not know if you will be satisfied with this.
  • Presently he seemed to be satisfied.
  • We want them to be satisfied.
  • How can we be satisfied with these answers?
  • People must be satisfied.
  • Was she never to be satisfied?
  • We shall both be satisfied.
  • With this the visitors had to be satisfied.
  • He would not be satisfied with gratitude.
  • Let vengeance on the race be satisfied!
  • Young men should not be satisfied with a salary.
  • Was her craving never to be satisfied?
  • The readers would be satisfied.
  • His curiosity would be satisfied.
  • Then my ambition would be satisfied.
  • Two crowns will never be satisfied.
  • German voraciousness can never be satisfied.
  • Go home and try to be satisfied.
  • He could not be satisfied with men as they were.
  • With which logic he was fain to be satisfied.
  • Love unrequited is to be satisfied by revenge.
  • How could he be satisfied with such an existence?
  • Could you never be satisfied on a farm?
  • It will be satisfied with nothing less.
  • With neither of these solutions can we be satisfied.
  • You are not a man who would be satisfied with moderation.
  • At least this curiosity was soon to be satisfied.
  • Would we be satisfied with the shadow of self-government?
  • I could well be satisfied with this source.
  • Who would be satisfied in such a position of affairs?
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