Be Serious In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Be Serious | Be Serious Sentence

  • But now to be serious.
  • Will you be serious?
  • Rome did well to be serious.
  • There is no need for me to be serious.
  • Virginia would not be serious.
  • I choose that you should be serious.
  • I beseech you to be serious.
  • Will you never be serious?
  • If he catches you it will be serious.
  • Could she ever be serious?
  • But he would not be serious.
  • However, to be serious.
  • The business now began to be serious.
  • York still refused to be serious.
  • Come, be serious for a little while.
  • Do you not think that the time has come to be serious?
  • She looked at him in what seemed to be serious alarm.
  • But the end of the adventure promised to be serious.
  • Be serious for a moment, if you can!
  • At the same time the effect might be serious.
  • It looked as if there would be serious trouble.
  • To hurt this man would be serious.
  • The dielectric loss in a cable may be serious.
  • Now, let us be serious.
  • Nay, far once in your life be serious.
  • You never will be serious, you know.
  • I beseech you, sister, be serious.
  • I'm afraid there's going to be serious trouble there.
  • Then you think I can be serious?
  • The case at Ashopton proved to be serious.
  • He's hard hit, but it mayn't be serious.
  • But, James, you cannot be serious!
  • Can you, Countess, be serious?
  • Can Mr Turner be serious?
  • But, Ronald, you can not be serious, my boy.

How To Use Be Serious In A Sentence?

  • My purpose was to be serious with Mr. Tescheron.
  • If Mr. Valentine cannot be serious, you can.
  • Well, if I am to be serious, I obey.
  • Be serious.
  • But, to be serious.
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