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How To Use Be Their In A Sentence?

  • The smell of flowers has been said to be their soul.
  • Now tell me, why did you refuse to be their candidate?
  • I could not but wonder what would be their next expedient.
  • They would be our shepherds, and we are to be their flock.
  • What will be their end, unless they repent?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Be Their | Be Their Sentence

  • Who was to be their leader?
  • Thus be their destiny.
  • Such should be their watchword.
  • It has to be their choice.
  • Can she be their servant?
  • Could this be their destination?
  • That shall be their shriving!
  • I swore to be their friend.
  • What was to be their distinctive garb?
  • So this was to be their new home.
  • He appeared to be their leader.
  • Forever outside will be their destiny.
  • Some day he was to be their landlord.
  • I blush to be their author.
  • Yesterday they chose him to be their king.
  • What is to be their condition beyond the grave?
  • Lorry was a favorite but he could not be their prince.
  • Certain destruction would be their doom.
  • And our kinswomen whom they had taken to be their wives!
  • Had it really been given to him to be their salvation?
  • This happened to be their reception-day.
  • Its details will be their ineffaceable memories.
  • And you shall be their candidate for governor!
  • What would be their next act?
  • The consequence thereof will be their own misery.
  • What would be their next move?
  • This seemed to be their grand meeting-point.
  • They thought that each moment might be their last.
  • It began to look as if that would be their fate.
  • Well, he was supposed to be their expert on that.
  • Self-pride demands that it shall be their own idea.
  • This may be their last good-bye.
  • They may be said to be their natural fauna.
  • I went to them and asked them to let me be their helper.
  • It was to be their position for the fighting next day.
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