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How To Use Be To In A Sentence?

  • He should be to her as though he had never been.
  • How would it be to move on there?
  • Yet what must my feelings be to theirs?
  • Woe be to the man who is insubordinate!
  • He is to be to the world and to the soul.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Be To | Be To Sentence

  • What can she be to me?
  • Think what you can be to me if you will.
  • What use will it be to you?
  • Peace be to her memory.
  • What advantage will it be to him?
  • Of what service will it be to them.
  • But what good will that be to me?
  • I will be to you as a son.
  • Precious the books will be to me.
  • Praise be to our fathers!
  • But peace be to them.
  • What will it be to realize it?
  • What but perdition will it be to most?
  • What good can she be to him now?
  • Peace be to this house!
  • Could it be to this that he was referring?
  • What could we be to each other?
  • Thanks be to goodness!
  • For be to ligger here.
  • Glory be to goodness!
  • What objection can there be to this?
  • Should servants be to man below.
  • Your only answer can be to ignore her.
  • Where will it be to-morrer?
  • To be to you everything you need!
  • What life would be to both you and me?
  • And be to her the father she will lose.
  • How would it be to move on there?
  • Of what use could they be to me?
  • It will be to accept disgrace for her.
  • Our only task now will be to keep them from him.
  • How glad they must be to have had it!
  • Suppose it should be to her as if he had a new head?
  • Would not that be to triumph over a corpse?
  • How awful will it be to be parted so!
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