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  • Along the beach they saw a man walking.
  • They blocked the walk and the beach beyond it.
  • The surf on the beach seemed all out of breath.
  • The older boys were sent to the beach for clams.
  • On the beach a curious scene took place.
  • Home-going crowds from the beach made a stop.
  • Fishwives walked up and down the beach wringing their hands.
  • Tis on the beach you'll find your crew.
  • They were waving a lantern on the beach when he struggled again to his feet.
  • Daylight showed the beach covered with wrecked boats and habitations.
  • You know that pile of old chain on the beach at the boat-landing.
  • Have you ever stood on the beach and watched the big waves roll in?
  • A view of the beach from that roof to-night would make a great moving picture.
  • Most flourishing institution on the Beach is certainly Phrenology.
  • The three chums concluded the arrangement at the Beach Hotel.
  • There's plenty of stones along the beach for the casual mischief maker.
  • Lessingham raised the lantern which stood on the beach by Jimmy's side.
  • If I fell down in a fit on the beach they'd let me lie there and die.

How To Use Beach In A Sentence?

  • Randy had dashed down the beach to where there was a light rowboat overturned on the sand.
  • There was a great crowd at the beach near the shore end of the pier where the launch landed.
  • What he found on the beach there he made the women carry on their heads to Khinjan.
  • Two native Samoan teachers were clubbed to death on the beach when they landed several years ago.
  • Not until the beach lay fifty yards away did Grief let go the anchor in forty fathoms.
  • Kirtled in green, the beach her snowy breast Veined with the purple brooks that sought the sea.
  • Fresh Water Cove was a crescent-shaped beach a quarter of a mile long, with rocks at each end.
  • Sir Henry, Helen, and Nora were strolling about the beach as though searching for something.
  • There were few venturesome visitors to the beach in the daytime and the matinee entertainments were curtailed.
  • Nothing broke the peace of the evening but the swirr and swish of the gentle tide on the beach below.
  • As they landed on the beach he looked curiously at the women under the schooner's awning.
  • I have the island, the latitude and longitude of the beach where the three spikes were nailed in the trees.
  • In the midst of it the echo of the service bell of the life saving station down the beach reached the ears of the audience.
  • The next scene showed the wrecker on the rainswept beach staring into the depths for some sign from the belated ship.
  • Suddenly the lone figure on the beach lifted his hands to his lips, formed into a human speaking trumpet.
  • All the summer visitors were gone and the big silver beach deserted, but summer itself still lingered.
  • Blankets and other articles indispensable for a night on the beach were carried ashore, and camp formed on the edge of the bay-cedars.
  • All along the beach the electric lights were out, but the incessant flashes of lightning lit the scene bright as day.
  • Their room at the hotel was a lofty one, but it commanded the whole beach and afforded an unobstructed view of the sea for miles.
  • The beach sloped gradually within the cove, but the current swept deep and black and rapid along its jutting points.
  • The chums left the boardwalk and went across the sands, watching the merry crowds playing on the beach and running out into the water.
  • A substantial boardwalk fronted the beach where people bathed, lined with stores, booths, and curio and souvenir tents.

Definition of Beach

(intransitive) To run aground on a beach. | (transitive) To run (something) aground on a beach. | (of a vehicle) To run into an obstacle or rough or soft ground, so that the floor of the vehicle rests on the ground and the wheels cannot gain traction.
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