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  • He looked at me with his little beady eyes.
  • I saw the furtive, murderous glint in his beady eyes.
  • It fixed its beady eyes on the face of Tommy Thompson.
  • Jane's little beady eyes glittered.
  • The shrewd old woman saw though all that with her little beady black eyes.
  • Its beady eyes held me for a moment, as they are said to hypnotize a bird.
  • Inside the hole, he saw a single rat, staring at him with beady eyes.
  • Then his beady eyes rested on the horrified faces of Jacky and her lover.
  • Their beady eyes caught sight of a Thing mightier than a thousand crocodiles.
  • Then its cold, beady eyes were fixed on Dick and it uttered a vicious hiss.
  • She wore little iron-gray, corkscrew curls, and had bright, beady black eyes.
  • Rock's beady eyes opened wider as he took in the occupants of the room.

How To Use Beady In A Sentence?

  • The gleam in those beady eyes told him what the true meaning of this action must be.
  • He was fat and red-faced and had little beady eyes that made you nervous when he looked at you.
  • And his dark, beady eyes were glittering with hatred as he crouched in his momentary hiding-place.
  • Nor did the witch-doctoress say anything; she only fixed her beady eyes upon his face.
  • Behind his gun gleamed a pair of black, beady eyes, as cold as the eyes of a rattler.
  • The Oriental silently squatted in the gloom, the gleam of his beady eyes just visible.
  • The Colonel thought instinctively, as he gazed into them, of the fixed beady stare of a serpent.
  • His beady eyes shone like microscopic stars as lie paused in a copper bar of setting sunlight and looked about for a refuge.
  • As he flung the query over his shoulder his beady little eyes did not leave Pringle's.
  • He recalled the neurons whose beady little eyes he had fancied he saw staring brightly into, as well as out of, his own.
  • Each yellow hair on his scarred back had risen separate and apart from one another, while his beady eyes glistened greedily.
  • Just behind the ripple were the sharp nose and the beady eyes of Musquash, who is always in some mischief of this kind.
  • He spoke of the women of the inner planets and Carr half rose from his seat when he observed the lecherous glitter in his beady eyes.
  • Here the beady eyes of Kalaza gave a kind of snap, and he leant forward with an appearance of increased interest.
  • From the base of this came the neck and head of the snake, flat on the ground, with beady eyes staring at us as we slowly advanced and stopped.
  • He was somewhat sallow in the face, with dark, beady eyes, and a short, black beard with an aggressive bristle.
  • She was a little woman, with very bright, beady black eyes, and hair that was still coal-black in spite of her wrinkled face.
  • But the remaining ear was pointed at the top like a satyr's, and his little beady eyes were as black as a bird's and inhumanly bright.
  • There sounded a curious, subterranean sob; beady eyes on each side of the mouth bulged; the woodish body quivered in agony.
  • For out of the box glided a real, live snake, fully three feet long, and with beady and dangerous looking eyes!
  • Instinct, keener than a clumsy reasoning, held him for a few moments without movement, his beady eyes on Challoner.
  • Fat and sleek and brown, his generally gross appearance was accentuated by pouched beady eyes, waxed mustache, unhealthy, erupted skin.
  • His beady eyes shifted nervously from one person to another, and focused at last on Kenneth Gregory.
  • His heavy, belligerent jaw, the sharp, beady blackness of his eyes, the whole alert, confident air of him bespoke the born foreman.
  • His face was long, narrow, hook-nosed and sinister; his eyes, as I have described them, a steady and beady black.
  • He was a fat, paunchy old man, with beady black eyes and a shy, shifty expression, very unlike my cheery little friend at Beila.
  • But the fellow had no idea of his peril; he was at the very height of his triumph and his dark, beady eyes gleamed ferociously out of the shadows of that damp and silent vault.
  • The horseman, clad in a somewhat threadbare riding suit, was a small man with beady black eyes that turned from side to side as he swayed in his saddle.

Definition of Beady

Resembling beads; small, round, and gleaming. | (of eyes, or a look) Bright and penetrating. | Covered or ornamented with, or as if with, beads.
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